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Press release: DBS Hong Kong inspires Hong Kongers to “live more” with new brand campaign

Published: Aug 2023

25th July 2023 – DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (“DBS Hong Kong”) has launched an integrated brand campaign to reinforce its “Live more, Bank less” brand promise and deliver the message that DBS makes banking so simple, seamless, and invisible, that customers have more time to focus on the people and things they care about the most. The Bank inspires audiences to create their own happiness by celebrating the everyday life and injecting joyful rituals into the ordinary.

The DBS campaign is built on a universal insight that encourages people to fully live their life by savouring special moments in everyday life. By focusing on one’s love and passion, people can live in a more meaningful and joyful manner that leads to happiness and fulfilment.

Amy Wu, Executive Director and Head of Group Strategic Marketing & Communications, DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited, says, “Live more, Bank less is more than just a brand campaign, it is a mindset shift that empowers people to focus on what truly matters in life – their passions, their dreams, their loved ones, and the small moments of joy that make every day worth living.”

The campaign leads off with a thematic video comprising a series of vignettes that depict various individuals who strive to “Live more” by infusing something extraordinary into seemingly ordinary moments – including a couple who throws a party to announce the gender of their yet-to-be-born baby, a young woman who sets aside time for her cat, a family that goes on vacation in matching outfits, and a man who creates a map of all the playground swings in Hong Kong.

These vignettes serve as an eloquent reminder that true happiness lies not only in celebrating significant milestones but also in cherishing life’s simple pleasures.

The “Live More Show” activation is another integral element of the campaign, inviting individuals to submit photos or videos that showcase their “Live More” moments. Selected submissions will be displayed on a giant video wall in Causeway Bay to inspire the public.


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