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Press release: Coleman Research releases ESG impact study on M&A activity

Published: Aug 2022

24th August 2022Coleman Research, a leading expert network, has released a new study to determine the impact of ESG on M&A activity and corporate strategy today and in the future. The study surveyed over 500 experts across all sectors of the economy, all of whom have been involved in recent M&A decisions and ESG activities in their organizations. All respondents are part of Coleman’s extensive expert network, which features nearly ½ million senior-level experts around the world.

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ESG is increasingly driving M&A decisions and corporate strategy

42% of experts believe ESG currently plays an important role in their organization’s M&A activity. However, 68% believe it will become even more important over the next two years. This theme also applies more broadly to corporate strategy overall. 56% of experts feel ESG plays a significant role in their organization’s corporate strategy currently, and 77% believe that ESG will be a significant a driver of corporate strategy in the next two years.

The study also examines the importance of specific ESG factors (environmental, social and governance) on M&A decisions by sector as well as the most important ESG motivations overall, such as goodwill with the public, employees, internal efficiencies and more.

Coleman Research is a leading resource for ESG experts and beyond

“For 20 years, we’ve helped clients stay ahead of the curve on emerging topics and key fundamentals. As ESG becomes even more important for the world’s largest institutional investors, consulting firms and corporations, our clients have been able to navigate decisions with more confidence and clarity, using insights from our experts.” said Brad Mehl, Chief Marketing Officer of Coleman Research. “Whether it’s about renewable energy, sustainable packaging or the future of transportation and beyond, ESG touches all sectors, with market implications that are not always intuitive.”

The study can be accessed here:

Recently, Coleman also launched ESG Happenings, a new online resource center with curated articles about key developments in ESG within specific sectors.

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