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Press Release: BNP Paribas expands virtual card reach with Coupa Pay integration

Published: Jun 2020

8th June 2020 – BNP Paribas’ Virtual Card is now available in Coupa and provides customers with a powerful business payment experience.

Newspaper press release

BNP Paribas and Coupa announced the availability of the BNP Paribas Virtual Card as a payment option within Coupa’s leading business spend management (BSM) platform. The new BNP Paribas payment integration with Coupa Pay, a set of payment and financial solutions within the Coupa BSM platform, is now available. The partnership will give businesses the ability to better manage supplier payments.

Businesses will be able to use BNP Paribas Virtual Cards to pay suppliers for spending that goes through the Coupa platform. Once the business’ eligible BNP Paribas account is tied to Coupa Pay, Virtual Cards can be automatically sent to authorised suppliers.

Businesses that prefer BNP Paribas will benefit from increased security through BNP Paribas’ Virtual Card payments, reduced fraud, visibility into the full payment process, automated invoice matching and reconciliation, and tracking to help manage cash flows. BNP Paribas customers will also receive servicing and supplier onboarding support from both Coupa and BNP Paribas.

When paid with BNP Paribas Virtual Cards, suppliers will get paid quickly and benefit from enhanced visibility into their payment details.

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