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Press release: Amundi launches Amundi euro liquidity short term SRI

Published: Jul 2021

21st July 2021 – Amundi, Europe’s largest asset manager, announces the launch of Amundi Euro Liquidity Short Term SRI(“the Fund”), a short term Money Market fund with accumulative variable net asset value (V NAV)4, awarded with an SRI label5 and is AAAmmf-rated1 by Fitch Ratings.

Newspaper press release

Many corporate and institutional investors, seeking enhanced security for the management of their daily cash, prefer the use of AAA-rated short term money market funds investing in the highest rated issuers and able to provide a qualitative alternative to traditional cash deposits.

Amundi Euro Liquidity Short Term SRI is a short term Money Market fund that seeks to offer liquidity and security to investors through high credit quality, a strategy of diversification1 and flexibility. The Fund is a unique socially responsible investment cash solution, awarded a French SRI label and rated AAAmmf by Fitch Ratings, offering same day settlement with a late cut-off.

Investment approach

The Fund invests in high-quality money market instruments and debt securities such as Commercial Papers and Certificates of Deposit or short term bonds of OECD countries, with a maximum maturity of 397 days, with a very low exposure to interest rate risk. The objective is to outperform its benchmark (the capitalised €STR – Euro short-term rate index), while integrating ESG criteria in the selection and analysis of the Fund’s securities. The investment process is designed to ensure daily liquidity seeking to offer returns in line with prevailing money market rates.

In order to secure the assets invested in the Fund, the Portfolio Managers will apply diversification across issuers, instruments, countries and maturities.

Finally, the AAAmmf rating by Fitch Ratings reflects the high credit quality and the low volatility of the Fund. Being rated by one credit rating agency is only possible within rigorous European Money Market Fund Regulation. This development will enable the Portfolio Managers to draw from an investment universe that

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