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Press Release: AFP payments guide “The Changing Face of Cross-Border Payments”

Published: Dec 2020

4th December 2020 – Cross-border payments, vital to the global payments infrastructure, face a host of challenges. But while a global pandemic certainly complicates the future of any system, many of the problems facing these payments were already in place well before 2020.

Newspaper press release

AFP’s latest Payments Guide, underwritten by MUFG Union Bank, explores:

  • The Financial Stability Board’s roadmap to address systemic issues in cross-border payments.
  • How COVID-19 and a decline in the number of correspondent banks are impacting transactions.
  • Technology and standards that will improve the speed and efficiency of cross-border payments.

The cross-border payments landscape remains a complex one, with many challenges still emerging. AFP’s latest Payments Guide will help you makes sense of these issues, as well as efforts to improve the system.

Download the guide here.

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