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‘Pandamonium’ as Kent pub is classified as a zoo

Published: Jun 2017

A pub in rural Kent in the UK is granted a zoo licence for its collection of exotic animals.

There are many things you might expect to find in a pub garden; a bunch of exotic animals is not one of them.

That is unless you are visiting the Fenn Bell Inn in St Mary Hoo, Kent, UK, the country’s first ‘pub zoo’.

At present, the pub is home to four different breeds of monkeys, genets, meerkats, lemurs, birds of prey, racoons and South American coatis.

Now that the pub has a zoo licence it could technically keep any type of animal as long as suitable enclosures are built – even Lions and Tigers.

The project is not cheap though. Animal enthusiast and Landlord Andy Cowell has spent £300,000 already on the zoo and weekly running costs are more than £700. “Running the pub is certainly cheaper than running a zoo,” he told the Daily Mirror. “We hope that having a thriving pub business all year round will help with the funding.”

There are also plans to expand the collection with more lemurs, otters, some wolves and big cats.

Cowell added: “It will get as big as we can make it, depending on how much land we can buy to extend it. We want to give people something that will provide some joy and great memories.”

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