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One ‘Selfieccino’ please

Published: Jan 2018

You would not want coffee on your face, so why put your face on coffee?

The last thing the world needs in 2018 is more pictures of coffee on the internet. Yet, one café in central London is going out of its way to ensure that there is.

The Tea Terrace, a café in House of Fraser’s Oxford Street branch, has launched the ‘Selfieccino’, which features an image of customer’s faces on top of their favourite caffeinated beverage.

To achieve this feat of artistry, customers send a selfie to their barista of choice. The barista will then work to replicate the image on a canvas of either cappuccino or hot chocolate.

Of course, baristas are not spending hours creating a masterpiece. Most of the work is completed by a machine that essentially prints out the image on top of the drink using flavourless food colouring – it takes around four minutes.

Surprisingly, the drinks are reasonably priced, costing £5.75.

“Due to social media, the dining experience has completely shifted,” Ehab Salem Shouly, owner of The Tea Terrace told Reuters. “It’s not enough any more to just deliver great food and great service – it’s got to be Instagram worthy.”

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