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Now you see it, now you don’t!

Published: Dec 2020

On 17th November residents of Utah were stunned to notice the appearance of a metal monolith. The structure was discovered in the desert to quite some global fanfare and most of you will have seen mention of this seemingly mysterious encounter. However, the evolution of the monolithic happenings has been quite startling!

a black and white picture of a monolith

Fans of Stanley Kubrick’s cult classic 2001: Space Odyssey, will know the significance of the monolith as a dramatic structure within the film’s plot. It symbolises humanity and the evolution of man and so 2020 seems a fitting moment for a fan, prankster, alien species or marketing campaign to pay homage to it.

Since the monolith’s arrival in North America there have been a series of further developments which include its prompt disappearance as if into thin air on 28th November. This was followed by arrivals of monoliths in the UK, Romania, California and The Netherlands. Only time will tell what kind of close encounter humanity is having with monoliths and whether this is the work of friend or foe!

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