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New York’s most prolific tweeter is announced – Barry

Published: Nov 2020

Barry the barred owl has become an overnight New York sensation with city dwellers desperate for a sight of the fluffy tweeter.

3 owls standing on a bridge

Barry is an owl so called for being a barred variety of the bird, but at the time of writing, it was unclear who bestowed this nickname upon him. Owls are usually nocturnal, however luckily for his many fans, Barry has been putting in some daytime appearances, mesmerising all those whose eyes and camera lenses twitch for an image of this handsome fellow.

He was first spotted in October by a group of birdwatchers, including a man named ‘Birding Bob’ – just when you thought this story couldn’t get any better! Barry now joins the ranks of other famous NYC birds, including 2018’s Mandarin Duck and another owl who took up residence last week in the Rockefeller Christmas tree and was subsequently rescued and transported to an animal sanctuary outside of the city.

All those interested in pursuing the most popular plumed Manhattan residents can check out Manhattan Bird Alert – – a Twitter feed of bird sightings – and perhaps the most apt use of the platform since its invention.

Happy tweeting to Barry and all those celebrating holidays in the US this week.

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