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Mystery of the Minion sculptures!

Published: Apr 2023

Residents living in a small Australian town have confirmed that sculptures of Minions have been appearing in various locations around their town since before Christmas, and to date they have no idea where they are coming from!

Locals in Warrak, Victoria in Australia, which has a population of only 70 people, said the first Minions sculpture appeared shortly before Christmas, and the statues have continued to appear on various properties. Their total now reaching 24. Some of the sculptures, which are made from scrap metal have been designed so they can be used as mailboxes and planters, while others appear to be simple works of art dedicated to the cute yellow creatures from the Despicable Me franchise.

Mountainside Wines, a family owned and operated vineyard and winery, and the only business in the town, has been recording the Minion appearances on social media. Residents have confirmed there are now more properties in Warrak with Minion sculptures than without.

The sculpture creator still remains a mystery, despite two culprits being caught on CCTV cameras. One of the culprits was dressed as Santa Claus and the other was not clearly visible in the footage.

The owner of Mountainside Wines, Shane Goninon, believes the mystery artist is Daniel ‘Buckie’ Buckingham, a local resident, whose own property has a sculpture of Gru, the Minions’ master outside. However, Buckingham is pointing the finger at Goninon as the prime suspect!

The mystery continues …

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