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Mouth of hell or legendary urinal?

Published: Mar 2022

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich is immortalised in bizarre fashion as a toilet in his image is acquired by a Danish Museum.

Clean toilet isolated in a room

More curious news we cannot imagine this week as this delightful design will take its rightful place in the pantheon of culture in Denmark!

The toilet was created by Prince Midnight, a Florida metal musician and provocateur. The artefact is part of Midnight’s Hellmouth Plumbing Supply which is described as a boutique bathroom outfitter.

He fashioned the toilet using “a ton of natural clay from the art store to sculpt the body and legs,” he explains. “I used alginate to mould and cast my own hands and feet in resin. I saved the facial sculpt for last, using photos of Lars from the ‘80s. Then, like the hands and feet, I made a mould and cast it in resin.”

We hope the Danes enjoy!

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