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Missing puppy found after 12 years

Published: Dec 2022

A border terrier puppy that vanished has miraculously been reunited with her owner after 12 long years!

Liz Eldridge from Hertfordshire in the UK bought the puppy, who they named Missie, as a birthday present for her son Oscar, but the dog suddenly disappeared from their home in February 2011.

Although Eldridge spent eight years driving around the country chasing possible leads to find their beloved pooch, she finally gave up all hope, believing the pup had been stolen.

Her luck recently changed when Eldridge was notified that Missie had been found and was traced back to the family via a microchip ID implant.

A member of the public had found the missing dog and handed her over to animal control services.

Having been reunited with her pet, Eldridge said, “It was a mixture of pure joy but also sadness as Missie was in a terrible state. Every time I went to put her leash on, she was so scared.”

After being cared for by her family, Missie is already showing signs of improvement. “Her tail is starting to wag and hopefully she’s beginning to realise she’s back home safe and sound,” said Eldridge.

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