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Lucky lotto player wins twice in the same day

Published: Nov 2017

A normal Sunday turned out to be an exceptionally lucky day for one North Carolina resident.

Many people play the lotto their entire lives without winning anything significant. So it is exceptionally rare for somebody to win two big prizes in the same day.

This is what happened to North Carolina residents Michelle Shuffler and her husband, who scooped over US$1m in prizes from two lotto tickets purchased on the same day.

The infrequent lotto players took the chance on a Million Dollar Fever scratch-off ticket when stopping for petrol and won US$10,000.

Despite being in disbelief, the US$1m jackpot caught their attention and the plucky couple decided to push their luck once again.

“We saw that the game had a million-dollar prize,” Shuffler told the N.C. Education Lottery. “So we decided, ‘Why not try to beat the odds again?’”

The couple travelled to another petrol station 20 miles away and bought another winning ticket, this time for the US$1m jackpot. “It’s a miracle,” she claimed.

Shuffler and her husband are now enjoying their US$1m, which arrives in yearly payments of US$50,000, and the money is being put towards retirement and their children’s education.

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