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Lost suitcase turns up over four years later!

Published: Feb 2023

A woman whose suitcase was lost during a United Airlines flight home from Chicago said she was reunited with her bag over four years later.

April Gavin from Oregon, US posted a series of videos to TikTok explaining how her luggage had been lost by the airline when she flew home from a business trip to Chicago in August 2018.

She said after several months of searching, the airline told her the bag’s disappearance was a complete mystery, and she was subsequently compensated for some of her lost items, although not all of them.

April said she was really shocked to receive a phone call recently telling her the suitcase had turned up at an airport in Houston having arrived on a flight from Honduras.

“It was in Honduras. And who knows where else it went,” April said in the video.

Although the bag was slightly damaged and worn, its contents were intact. United Airlines told April part of the difficulty in tracking the bag was that it hadn’t been properly scanned when she checked it in before flying to Chicago.

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