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Let there be cake!

Published: Jan 2020

Last week we looked at the world’s longest rosca de reyes, this week it’s all about the world’s longest cake.

Chocolate cake on a wooden board

Bakers in the Kerala city of Thrissur, India, have broken the world record for the longest cake. The vanilla cake with a chocolate ganache frosting ended up stretching over 6km.

The impressive feat was 10cm wide and thick, and weighed about 27,000kg. It also used 12,000kg of sugar and flour.

Organised by the Bakers Association Kerala (BAKE), it took 1,500 bakers just four hours to complete. The Guinness World Records’ initial measurements put it at 6,500m long, but confirmation of the exact length is still pending.

The sweet treat wound across thousands of tables set up across a festival ground and roads for Thrissur’s shopping festival

BAKE’s Secretary-General Naushad (who uses one name) commented: “This is an effort to showcase our skills to the world. We ensured hygiene and taste are up to the mark.”

Previous holders of the record include:

  • China, 2018 – nicknamed ‘China Dragon’, a 3,188m fruit cake in eastern China’s Jiangxi Province, made for Zixi County’s third Bread Tourism Festival.
  • Italy, 2015 – measuring 16.46m long by 13.94m wide, with a surface area of 244m2, Italy decorated the cake with a map of the country and its most famous monuments.
  • Procter & Gamble, 2014 – Procter and Gamble-owned Fairy made a cake measuring 12m by 10m to raise money for its long-term charity partner, Make-A-Wish® UK.
  • Saudia Arabia, 2013 – commemorating the 83rd National Day of Saudi Arabia, the cake – in the shape of the Saudi Arabia map – measured 11.7m by 9.2m.
  • Raven ‘Cake Man’ Dennis, 2012 – the famed Brooklyn baker’s Southern Red Velvet creation measured 9.6m by 6m and was in the shape of the Indianapolis fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi’s coat of arms.
  • Ritz-Carlton, Doha, 2010 – the famous hotel prepared a cake in the shape of the Qatar map, measuring 8m by 4m.
  • Germany, 2010 – the town of Zirndorf was home to the largest cake sculpture, measuring 5.17m by 2.67m.

Who will be next to rise to the challenge?

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