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Legend-dairy: seven bullocks take over town!

Published: Jun 2021

A bandit of wandering bullocks has taken over an East Yorkshire town after escaping from their field – cattle chaos!

Closeup behind bulls horns

A bandit of wandering bullocks has taken over an East Yorkshire town, Beverley Westwood, after escaping from their field. The young cattle were seen munching on people’s pruned gardens, while one looked tempted to pop onto a resident’s trampoline.

BBC journalist David Harrison photographed the livestock tearing up the town before they were rounded up and returned home.

Posting the photos on Twitter, Mr Harrison said: “Cow chaos on Woodlands Road in Beverley this morning. At least seven cows have managed to get themselves very lost and are now tearing lawns apart.”

He added: “They’ve run out of grass on Woodlands Road, so they’re now having a jaunt up to Atkinson Way. Fewer lawns, but the lamp posts seem popular for a good scratch.”

However, the fun was cut short after they were rounded up by livestock keeper Zowie Bell.

A video shared by Mr Harrison showed one lone member of the group wandering across the green alone, captioned – “Ah, one stray cow hasn’t quite got the memo that they’re all off home. This is the cow equivalent of going to the bar and returning to the dance floor, with your mates nowhere to be seen.”

Chairman of the Beverley Pasture Masters, Allan English, said: “Until the bullocks settle down, they tend to ramble about – they are like little kids.” He added there are over 300 livestock on the pastures surrounding the town, with escapades at least twice a season!

“The residents don’t mind as long as they don’t do any damage, and we soon get them back on the Westwood,” he said.

If you ever find yourself in Beverley Westwood you can book a walk amongst the cows – but be sure to close all gates behind you!

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