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Huge sandwich unveiled in Pennsylvania

Published: Aug 2023

A gigantic Lebanon bologna sandwich which is thought to be one of the largest in the world was unveiled at a fair in Pennsylvania, US.

A large crew of volunteers, known as the ‘Bologna Security’ create the 150 foot long (45.7 meters) sandwich at the Lebanon Area Fair. Lebanon bologna, a type of cured and fermented semi-dry beef sausage is renowned for its distinct smoky and tangy flavour. And whilst similar in appearance and texture to salami it is much darker in colour.

Each footlong bite of the sandwich was sponsored at US$100 per foot and the money is being donated to Lebanon County Christian Ministries to help support people dealing with food insecurity in the Lebanon Valley.

To create the massive sandwich, Bologna Security used 600 slices of provolone cheese, 1,200 slides of half-sweet and original Lebanon bologna and created 900 sandwiches (six sandwiches per foot).

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