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Hotel hooks in guests

Published: Sep 2017

Work trips no longer have to be so lonely.

Being on the road for work can be a lonely affair. The Happy Guest Hotel Lodge in Dutton, near Warrington, UK thinks they’ve found an answer for lonely guests, with ‘Happy’ the goldfish.

The hotel charges the guests £5 a night to have the fish placed in their rooms. He can be pre-booked on the hotel’s website in the same way one might reserve breakfast – just make sure you don’t accidentally fry up your koi companion.

Hotel owner Jeff Riley can’t see anything fishy in the predicament, saying Happy can offer guests “unconditional love and a valuable sounding board”. Happy acts as a way for guests to “unload the troubles of the day”.

Whilst he can’t talk back, he can be great for people longfin for some company. Riley claims that guests “may have even missed it between their stays”, stating that more fish will be up for hire if Happy proves a scaly success.

The hotel has received good ratings on TripAdvisor, with 61 “excellent” or “very good” and no “poor” or “terrible” ones just yet. Despite this, no reviews have made reference to Happy, throwing into question how much this fishy friend is in use.

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