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Global Diversity List 2021: Women in Treasury

Published: Jan 2022

Treasury Today Group is delighted to announce that Women in Treasury has been included in the 2021 Global Diversity List which was published in The Guardian newspaper at the end of last year. This accolade is a great chance for us to celebrate the achievements of the Women in Treasury initiative and all the people who have shared their time, energy, contacts and voices with the community.

Global Diversity Womens Network

The Global Diversity List is described as ‘The List that celebrates the people who work tirelessly to ensure that diversity and inclusion are at the very heart of everything they do.’ The list positions Women in Treasury as one of ten global women’s networks recognised this year. We are delighted for this external recognition of the depth of relationship, conversation and progress that Women in Treasury has come to recognise.

This comes in the wake of the launch of our new Within hub, an online portal with 24/7 resources to help women and non-binary people to triumph, to help male allies to support and to be a safe environment for all genders to bring any issues affecting themselves and the industry.

Women in Treasury as a platform has taught us a lot about the power of connection and over the course of the pandemic, together we have piloted new ways to stay in touch, to deliver our forums and workshops, and to listen to what the community needs. This has taught us so much and has been applied across the board to our content and resources.

Women in Treasury also taught us about the privilege that we have as an institution and of many of our community members. This has led to our ongoing and passionate support of racial equity across the industry and indeed is where our conversations about race and racism in corporate finance began. We also have heard and shared stories of discrimination based on sexuality, age and (dis)ability. The intersectionality of these experiences means there is no unified ‘woman’ or ‘person’ in treasury and so we must listen, learn and evolve to understand the needs of everyone in the industry in order to achieve diversity.

We are so grateful to the many individuals who have shared their experiences and contacts with us and we battled the limits of our own experiences and broadened the platform to represent as many different voices as possible. Over the past five years we would like to highlight two women in particular who have helped us to advance the conversation at Women in Treasury. Firstly, India Gary Martin of Leadership for Executives who has been a very special source of enlightenment and who has given much time and energy to help Women in Treasury. India’s experiences in banking and as an entrepreneur and her commitment to making the industry a better place make her a true role model. We would also like to thank superstar corporate Mary Wienclaw whose commitment to the community is an inspiration.

Women in Treasury is growing every day because of your feedback and input as it evolves into its next iteration. We will be bringing on board more external voices as we seek to better represent all women and non-binary people in treasury and would love your thoughts and feedback during this year, so please don’t be shy.

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