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First-class dining experience

Published: Apr 2021

Dreaming of your first meal out after lockdown, plane food I hear you cry…Plane food may not be everyone’s idea of fine dining, but Japan’s largest carrier is offering just that, with great success.

Airplane dining

Japan’s biggest airline, All Nippon Airways (ANA) is offering a first-class dining experience in a parked plane on arunway at US$540 (£392) a meal. The service has only recently opened and has already sold out, with more slots to be added throughout April.

The global airline industry is trying to recover after facing an unprecedented 12-months, with many carriers already struggling, and what better way than to think creatively! Iinnovative ideas from ‘flights to nowhere’ and ‘a first-class dining experience’ are proving very popular.

The ANA dining experience takes place on a Boeing 777 parked at Haneda Airport in Tokyo. Normally, a first-class seat would set you back 59,800 yen. Now diners can opt for the first-class experience at half the price and with no jet lag!

Last week, British Airways also made its first-class menu available to the masses by partnering with caterers DO & CO, offering UK wanderlust jet setters the chance to experience their culinary delights from the comfort of their own home.

To get the full flight experience though, you may need to sit next to your washing machine (flick your hairdryer on), oh and stay up half the night!

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