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Fancy being Lord of the Manor?

Published: Feb 2017

A six-bedroom manor house can be yours for just £2.

The prize pool of your typical raffle, especially when the raffle ticket costs £2 is normally underwhelming. There might be a bottle of wine, some chocolates and perhaps a 50% off voucher for a local restaurant.

Dunstan Low, from Lancashire in the UK, however, is offering a more glamorous prize: his six-bedroom Georgian manor in Lancashire.

Forced to such extremes due to financial difficulty and the inability to shift the country pile through traditional means, Low is hoping to sell £500,000 worth of the £2 tickets via his website. This will cover the value of the house and costs, including “stamp duty and legal fees, to complete any last-minute jobs to ensure the house is as perfect as possible for the next owner”.

“After talking to many estate agents and quick buy companies, we believe it is in our best interests to take the sale of our property into our own hands, whilst offering someone else the opportunity to own and enjoy the property as their own,” he says. “I had been thinking about doing this [raffle] on and off for a few years now but so far hadn’t acted.”

To date, Dunstan has raised £1,500 and has received lots of interest – including one man telling him he planned on buying £1,000 worth of tickets!

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