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Published: Dec 2021

A runaway pet iguana has been found sunbathing on a pub roof in Kent, United Kingdom.

Close up of Iguana

Ronnie the runaway pet iguana has been rescued by firefighters from a pub roof in Folkestone, Kent, United Kingdom, after he was found sunbathing.

Ronnie popped down to his local ‘The Ship Inn’ after making a great escape from his nearby bedroom window. Oblivious to his panic-stricken owner, he was rescued by firefighters who scaled the pub building whilst he was just settling in for his afternoon of relaxation in the sun!

Firefighters used an aerial ladder to drop a net in, slightly more precarious than a cat up a tree, assisted by the RSPCA to ensure Ronnie’s wellbeing during the rescue mission. The newly named ‘Runaway Ronnie’ was then safely returned to land and his owners’ arms.

David Grant, an inspector from the RSPCA, said: ‘It’s the first time I’ve ever been called out to rescue an iguana, particularly one on the loose on a roof.

‘He’d climbed right to the top of the house and was sunbathing on the roof ridge. We didn’t want him to run off by frightening him unnecessarily, so we used my drop-net to capture him, and we soon had him back on the ground.

‘Thankfully, he hadn’t suffered any ill effects from his rooftop adventure, and I was soon able to reunite him with his grateful owners who lived below.

‘It could have ended very differently, so I would like to thank Kent Fire and Rescue for all their expert help.’

Just your regular afternoon down the local!

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