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Ewe won’t believe this…

Published: Jan 2020

A sheep in Auckland, New Zealand, has been saved from surgery, or even euthanasia, by a bra.

Sheep sticking its tongue out

That’s right, a human bra, size 24J, bought from lingerie company Rose and Thorne has saved the life of Rose the sheep (named after the company, of course).

Franklin Vets Lifestyle Farms in New Zealand shared the post on Facebook, explaining that Rose had been pregnant with triplets and the weight of the milk in her udders inflicted significant damage to her suspensory ligaments. The post explains “when this happens the udder can hang so low that it can be traumatised on the ground, and unless the situation can be corrected, is a cause for euthanasia.”

Her owners refused to give up though and purchased the maternity bra to help support her udders. According to reports, after inducing her and three lambs being born, Rose’s ligaments are healing nicely and by cutting holes in the bra she was even able to feed her babies.

In the future though, her owners have been advised to not breed her again to prevent any further damage and possibly more serious consequences.

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