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Cycling ‘Picasso’ beats GWR with huge GPS drawing

Published: Nov 2021

A British cyclist, Anthony Hoyte, has broken a Guinness World Record by riding 66.48 miles around London, United Kingdom, on his bicycle, creating a giant GPS drawing of a man with a moustache.

A bicycle in a forest

Anthony Hoyte is trying to raise awareness of men’s health issues and has broken the Guinness World Record for the biggest continuous GPS image by cycle in a 12-hour timespan.

Nicknamed the ‘pedalling Picasso,’ Hoyte covered an overall distance of 66.48 miles through the streets of London and used his GPS tracking app to create a huge image of a man with a moustache. He says the image is to recognise Movember, an annual event encouraging men to grow moustaches during November to raise awareness of all men’s health issues.

His record-breaking cycle began on 13th November and he finished eight and half hours later. Although Hoyte did have some difficulties early on in his ride, with unexpected road closures, he says “luckily, the key bits, the eyes, nose, mouth and ‘tache went to plan.”

Hoyte’s ride has earned him the Guinness World Record for the largest continuous GPS drawing by bicycle in 12 hours (individual).

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