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Company offering US$1,000 to eat cheese before bedtime

Published: Feb 2023

A mattress-reviewing website is looking for study participants who are willing to get paid US$1,000 to eat cheese snacks before they go to bed.

Sleep Junkie, announced it is looking for five ‘dairy dreamers’ for a study that seeks to address the commonly held belief that consuming cheese or other dairy products before bed leads to nightmares.

The company is also looking to discover if it’s true that different cheeses have more of an effect than others.

Those chosen to become the five dairy dreamers will be tasked with tracking their sleep and providing written evaluations of their sleep quality, energy levels throughout the day and reports

“We’re also aware it isn’t just nightmares that can play havoc on a good night’s sleep so we wanted to see if there was a link between the different types of cheese and other symptoms that can leave you feeling unrested,” says Sleep Junkie spokeswoman Dorothy Chambers.

The study will last for three months, and applications are now open.

Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am I to dis-a-brie?

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