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Buying a £6.5m property? That’s child’s play!

Published: Sep 2019
Wooden train and doll house

For most of us, buying a property is the most expensive purchase of our lives. But for one South Korean YouTube star it’s small change – recently purchasing one for 9.5bn won, or £6.5m. What makes the purchase even more impressive is that the new owner is just six years old.

With over 30 million subscribers, Boram is South Korea’s most popular YouTuber. The six-year-old’s videos, which review the latest toys and gadgets, rack up hundreds of millions of views a month. Her daily video blog, which follows her family life, is equally popular.

This may seem strange to those of us who grew up watching childrens’ TV, but today’s youngsters know their way around YouTube the way most of us knew what channel our favourite Saturday morning cartoons were on, and at what time. Boram’s content is not only accessible across the globe 24/7, some of her most popular videos have been seen more than 300 million times.

As a result of her success, the family set up the Boram Family Company to manage her lucrative career. It recently used her advertising and sponsorship revenue to purchase a plush five-storey building in Gangnam, one of Seoul’s most affluent areas, for almost £7m. However, just what the family intend to do with the property is open to speculation.

Now this may sound like a lot of money for most of us, but not for the youngster – who is estimated to earn around £2.4m a month. It’s a drop in the ocean.

But Boram is just one of a number of young stars making a living on YouTube. According to Forbes, the wealthiest child social media creator last year was Ryan Kaji, a seven-year-old behind a toy review account, with 20 million subscribers. Forbes reported that Kaji made US$22m through his channel last year.

Technology has certainly changed the world of celebrity. Nice work if you can get it!

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