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Bonio anyone?

Published: Mar 2022

Minister ate dog biscuits meant for the Queen’s corgis.

Dog bowl full of dog biscuits

The former Labour health secretary, Alan Johnson, revealed in a new book he accidently ate dog biscuits meant for the Queen’s corgis during a lunch at Windsor Castle in 2008.

After the meal Johnson remarked to his fellow guests he had “particularly enjoyed the cheese and the unusual dark biscuits” the Queen had laid on, according to her latest biography Queen of Our Times: The Life of Elizabeth II, written by royal biographer Robert Hardman.

It was left to his cabinet colleague and fellow royal lunch guest, Paul Murphy, to break the news he had in fact eaten the Queen’s dog biscuits meant for her beloved corgis!

Hardman writes: “Paul said: ‘No, the dark biscuits were for the corgis!’ At that point – to Alan Johnson’s eternal amusement – it dawned on him that he had been munching away on dog snacks. ‘I don’t think I’d had cheese with a Bonio biscuit before’.”

Bon A-pet-treat!

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