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Ascension: with balloons

Published: Sep 2020

Have you seen the Disney Pixar film, Up? The one with the house that flies with the help of hundreds of balloons? Well, this wasn’t the same. Or at least, it wasn’t the exact same…

Boy with a load of balloons lifting off of the floor

The Disney Pixar film, Up, released in 2009, seemed impossible. The idea of attaching hundreds of balloons to an entire house to make it fly was a fun movie idea, but unrealistic in the real world. Until now.

Illusionist and daredevil, David Blaine, hit headlines last week with his newest stunt: Ascension. Blaine took hold of about 50 huge balloons and flew across the Arizona desert for an hour, livestreaming the event to his official YouTube channel.

The original aim was to make it to an altitude of 18,000 feet, but he ended up reaching 24,900 feet – nearly five miles – before parachuting back to the ground. After landing, he described the stunt as “awesome”.

We’re not sure it’s our preferred method of travel, but it’s exciting nonetheless!

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