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America’s ‘axe-hilarating’ new pastime

Published: Oct 2017

Social axe-throwing is sweeping across America.

A new craze is spreading across America: axe throwing. Regarded by some as the “next bowling”, more and more Americans are spending their Friday nights throwing axes at a wooden target whilst having a few drinks with friends.

The catalyst of this trend is reported to be Stumpy’s Hatchet House in New Jersey. Stumpy’s is the country’s first hatchet (a one-handed axe) range, and since opening 18 months ago it has been a roaring success. So much so that others have followed suit, with similar establishments now found in Chicago, Washington, Nashville and Denver, among other US cities.

Apparently, it takes around half an hour of practice to become an expert in the technique, meaning that the spin is right and sticks in the target. “This is the next bowling,” says Kelly Josberger, one of the founding partners of Stumpy’s.

Patrons seem to agree. “Even if you are bad, you still have fun. With bowling, if you are not good at it, it is not as much fun,” says Joseph Cavanagh.

You will be pleased to know, however, that the staff at Stumpy’s take security very seriously – this is especially important when alcohol and 14-inch steel hatchets are involved – with anyone considered unsafe removed from the premises.

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