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A royal garden

Published: Sep 2017

Eric Manu is King of the Akan tribe – a 6,000-strong band located in the village of Adansi Aboabo No.2 in Ghana. Yet he has recently returned to Canada to resume a less glamorous career as a landscape gardener.

Manu became King of the Akan tribe last year following the passing of his uncle. Upon hearing the news, he returned to Ghana from Canada, where he had been living for the past three years, to take up his birthright.

Now, like a true leader, Manu is returning to Canada to earn some money to provide healthcare for his new “subjects”. He admits that it is not a decision he is taking up lightly, but he hopes that by making this sacrifice he can greatly improve the lives of his people.

He is also approaching his duty with a refreshing humility. “Sometimes we go to the site and they say, ‘You are the chief. I saw you on TV. Why are you doing the landscaping?’” he said. “This is humbleness you understand. Anytime I’m in Canada, I’m proud to work for my boss.”

Manu is not the first royal to dabble in another career. Earlier this year, we wrote about how the Dutch King had been moonlighting as a KLM pilot in his spare time.

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