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A purr-fect criminal or feline hero?

Published: Nov 2019

The Friends For Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Organisation in Houston, Texas has their paws full with resident Quilty the cat.

Cat peering over a ledge to be sneaky

Six-year-old Quilty has risen to internet stardom for repeatedly breaking other cats out of their enclosures, leaving staff to wrestle them back in on multiple occasions.

Caught on camera, Quilty was seen leaping at the doors to pull the handle down to allow his fellow residents to escape. He ended up in solitary confinement overnight whilst his enclosure had to be ‘Quilty-proofed’. He has also managed to break out of an integration kennel as well as break into a staff meeting. He is frequently caught pawing at windows and attacking doors to fight for his freedom, and a social media movement took off to #FreeQuilty with the shelter starting an Instagram page where you can see videos of his exploits as well.

Jennifer Hopkins, a spokesperson for the shelter, was quoted in an interview with CNN as saying “Quilty can be a little difficult,” and his behaviour was likely an old habit from when he lived with a family and would let his dog siblings into the house. “We would come in in the morning and have to collect all 15 of the cats who had had a blast during the night,” she said.

This hasn’t put off potential adopters, though. After posting about Quilty’s exploits on their Facebook page, the shelter received plenty of offers to take him in, and he’s now on a trial period with a possible owner.

Naturally, he’s been perfectly behaved and has been described by the prospective adopter as “the most loving and affectionate cat I have ever met!”

The lucky soul did also mention that she has two dogs as well, so Quilty should have plenty of opportunities to continue honing his escape skills. We wish them good luck!

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