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A new type of colleague…

Published: Apr 2020

Gone are the days of boring, human-filled video meetings. You can now rent a farm animal to join!

mother hen protecting chicks

Zoom fatigue is real. People across the world are experiencing the emotionally and mentally taxing effects of video conferencing, and a farm in North Carolina has stepped in to help make those chats a little more… lively.

Peace N Peas Farm is offering a rental service for animals to appear on your company conference calls. A favourite is Mambo, an eight year old miniature donkey which owner Francie Dunlap referas to as “like a pesky little brother” that “doesn’t let anyone relax too long”.

There are also other animals to choose from, including three horses, Heiren, Zeus and Eddie, as well as some chickens and ducks. “I think it would get some laughs,” said Dunlap, noting that since the website was created just over a week ago there have also been requests from teachers who want the animals to appear in their virtual classrooms.

Customers can reserve ten minutes with the animals for US$50, and co-workers can even choose a virtual meeting name for the attending animal!

Peace N Peas isn’t the only farm that’s started this service though, as Sweet Farm in California has set up a “Goat 2 Meeting” initiative. Customers can choose from a range of meetings with cows, goats, llamas, pigs, sheep or turkeys.

We’re sure they bring some much-needed humour to some peoples’ days!

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