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A green tree for Christmas

Published: Nov 2019

A town in Lebanon is using tens of thousands of plastic bottles to build an enormous Christmas tree sculpture – and attempting a world record in doing so.

Close up of christmas tree with decorations hanging

As part of her ‘Collect Them Don’t Waste Them’ initiative, which aims to promote recycling in the area, Caroline Chaptini organised the project in Chekka, a coastal town in North Lebanon, alongside town officials, the Scouts of Lebanon Mar Maroun and the Orthodox Youth Movement.

Caroline, a Lebanese national and mother, came up with the project when trying to find a creative and environmentally friendly way to get rid of her plastic water bottles. She started making a small Christmas tree before deciding to go much bigger.

The tree is expected to reach up to 95 feet (27-29 metres) in height once completed and they are aiming to use 120,000 recyclable water bottles – organisers say they have already collected over 105,000. The current Guinness World Record is 98,000 bottles for a Christmas tree in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

The tree is getting its own lighting ceremony, set to be on 7th December, and after the holidays the bottles will be sent to the new sorting factory in Amioun (Koura).

An apt story for the week that Treasury Today Group announces its Treasury Today and Tomorrow Global Sustainability Study.

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