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95-year old message in a bottle unearthed on Scottish fairway!

Published: Feb 2022

Whilst workers were carrying out renovations on a golf course in Scotland, UK, they made a surprising discovery, a 95-year-old message in a bottle, which was buried in a bunker.

Message in a bottle found on a beach in the sand

The Golf House Club in Elie on the Fife coast of Scotland was established in May 1875, and workers were making improvements to the fairway bunkers on the ninth hole when the discovery was made.

When the workmen looked inside the bottle they discovered a message written on the back of a Craven cigarette packet. “We are here today, but where we will be when this is found we do not know. Good luck.” The message was dated 18th November 1926.

Gavin Cook, the golf club’s secretary, said officials looked into records and found that the three men who signed the note, T. Donaldson, D. King and W. Eason, had all been employees at the golf club in the 1920s.

Cook says the workers plan to bury their own message in a bottle in the same spot once the work is finished.

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