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Published: Oct 2018

Change is coming in the money fund industry. Long awaited legislation is now upon us in Europe. Money market fund reforms here have taken a slightly different course than in the United States, and fund managers have been working with regulators, vendors and clients over the past two years to adjust their product offerings to meet the new regulatory criteria.

As a result, some fund providers are converting their money fund range to the new structures this quarter and many others will follow in the beginning of January. By 21st January 2019, all existing European funds must be adapted to the new structures introduced by the legislation. Whether you are an existing money market fund investor – or might become one, you should acquaint yourself with what is changing and the types of funds being offered.

In this podcast, money fund experts from Morgan Stanley explain the types of funds that will be offered by Morgan Stanley and other fund managers.

The Morgan Stanley experts explain some of the regulatory hurdles, do a deep dive into the new fund structures and discuss accounting concerns that have arisen. Kim Hochfeld, head of EMEA Liquidity Sales for Morgan Stanley, explains what investors should be, and are doing to prepare for the change.

Listen to this podcast for an in-depth review of the issues you should consider to be ready for these changes.

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