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    The role of treasury in M&A

    With M&A volumes continuing at a high level, what role can corporate treasurers play in supporting the process – and where are the opportunities to add value?

  • Person attempting to step outside the circle (their comfort zone)

    Above and beyond

    Treasurers are increasingly getting involved in areas which fall outside the traditional parameters of treasury. What does this mean in practice – and how can this benefit both treasury professionals and their organisations? Five treasury professionals share their experiences of stepping outside the comfort zone.

  • Stack of coins increasing in size infront of chalkboard and alarm clock

    Cash first: how changing company cash culture can improve forecasting

    If the whole organisation understands the importance of cash, it becomes easier to harvest more diverse, accurate and timely data. From here, better forecasting can drive stronger working capital performance. It’s what most stakeholders expect, so how can it be delivered?

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    Dynamic working capital management: the next frontier for treasury

    Managing the intricacies of working capital is becoming a crucial task for many treasury teams. And a raft of changes driven by technology is giving treasurers the chance to play an even more decisive role in driving value-adding working capital strategies across the organisation.

  • Compass on a world map

    How to navigate emerging markets

    From moving capital and managing foreign exchange to building partnerships with local banks, how should treasurers navigate emerging market risk and regulation?

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    Taking centre stage

    The importance of treasury within the organisation has grown in recent years – but what does this mean in practice and what tools and best practices can treasurers draw upon to support their evolving role?

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    Challenges on the way to KYC standardisation

    Complying with ‘know your customer’ (KYC) regulation is costing banks a fortune and giving corporations a serious headache. In this article, we explore the role of third-party providers in easing the KYC burden, and the reasons why progress towards the standardisation and automation of KYC they offer, remains slow.

  • Group of young people putting hands together to display team

    Lessons on building a best-in-class team

    Thousands of pages have been written about what makes a good team and how to get there. But perhaps the best examples come from the sporting world. We analyse what made one of the world’s most successful sports teams tick and the lessons that corporate treasury can take from this.

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    Treasury models are adapting for purpose

    A corporate treasury focused purely on executing transactional activities is a rare thing – if one still exists. The role of treasury has developed into a far broader function and phases such as strategic advisor are now thrown into the mix. But what does this mean and how does selecting the correct treasury structure enable an advisory function? Treasury Today Asia looks at how different treasury models, including hybrid centralisation, have evolved to fulfil the multiplying needs placed on different treasuries.

  • View outside recently landed plane in China

    Location, location, location

    As more and more corporates decide to establish a treasury centre in Asia, the competition between the different locations is heating up. In this article we look at the different considerations for corporates when picking a treasury centre location in Asia and also analyse how the big three – Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai match up.