• Corridor of a working data center

    Thinking big

    Big data has much to offer corporate treasurers – but at this early stage, most of the possible benefits have yet to be realised. Treasury Today Asia reviews the current state of affairs, the possible applications of this technology, and the pitfalls that treasurers should be aware of.

  • Fintech technology background

    Get ready for the fintech revolution

    The impact of fintech is starting to be felt around the world – and even though most of the development sits in the retail space, the corporate world is also benefiting. What should treasurers be doing to take advantage of the possibilities?

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    Keeping the costs down and the quality up

    Doing more with less is the often-heard mantra of most business functions. How can a professional treasury be run on a tight budget?

  • Person pointing at screen showing computer technology such as binary code

    APIs: the real game changer

    Over the past few years, APIs have received greater attention in financial services. Treasury Today Asia explores the benefits of APIs and discusses how this technology is set to impact treasury.

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    The rise and rise of blockchain

    Blockchain has become the buzzword in finance. Why has it captured so much attention, what is being done with the technology today and where is it going in the future?

  • Human hand shaking a robotic hand

    Self-service banking

    Banks are increasingly offering consumers ways to carry out banking activities without the need for human interaction. In the world of corporate banking, development may be less advanced – but banks across the region are increasingly turning their attention to the opportunities and benefits of a self-service model, from a reduction in paper to greater transparency and enhanced decision making.

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    Next generation TMS

    Treasury management systems have changed markedly over the past decade, with many adopting a broader range of functionalities as well as different deployment models. In theory, companies of all shapes and sizes are now able to leverage these solutions – but to what extent are corporates in Asia Pacific taking advantage of next generation treasury technology?

  • User using virtual technology

    Banking on user experience

    With more to do and with fewer resources available, treasury professionals increasingly lack the time and patience to deal with clunky and inefficient banking services and systems, and are calling for a better user experience. But are the banks listening and what comprises a ‘good’ user experience? Treasury Today finds out.

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    A risky business

    Corporates operating in today’s uncertain markets know they cannot afford to be encumbered by dated, ineffectual risk technologies. Those treasurers looking for new tools to help them manage risk are often confronted with a confusing array of options. But as industry experts interviewed in this article maintain, when it comes to navigating the treasury technology landscape, it helps if you have a clear idea of your risk management needs beforehand.

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    Technology: standing at the crossroads

    Without technology the world of treasury would be very different. It would be a lot more labour-intensive, that is certain. But what else is modern technology doing for today’s treasurer – and more importantly what will it be doing tomorrow?