• Close up of bulb exploding

    Great expectations: making the most of payments innovation

    The payments space has for some time been a hotbed of innovation. Much of what has been brought to market is consumer-driven so should treasurers watch and wait or act now?

  • Artificial person made out of data

    AI will not take your job

    Depending on what report you read, we are either all about to be usurped by robot overlords or enjoy far greater productivity and job satisfaction with technology’s help. Although not yet mainstream in treasury or corporate banking, what should we make of the threat/opportunity that is artificial intelligence?

  • Traffic light trails on windy mountain roads leading towards the sea and sunset

    Belt and Road: opportunity or threat?

    As ambitious projects go, China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) takes some beating. With all the grand plans to establish the infrastructure capable of connecting great swathes of Asia and Europe, it needs businesses to get involved. What does it take for a treasurer to ensure their organisation’s engagement with BRI is successful?

  • Single dollar bill crumpled

    Are we any closer to the death of cash?

    As the payment world becomes increasingly electronic, many might think that the long-heralded death of cash is almost here. However, data shows that in many markets the opposite is true and notes and coins are in fact making a comeback. Should treasury teams be preparing for a cashless world, or is physical cash here to stay – and if so, what can treasury teams do to manage it effectively? Treasury Today finds out.

  • Two chess pieces, the UE and the UK, in Brexit strategy concept

    Brexit: the countdown

    With 12 months remaining before Brexit becomes a reality, what are the possible outcomes – and how should treasurers be preparing?

  • Guiyang, China skyline at Jiaxiu Pavilion on the Nanming River

    China: a delicate balance

    As China enters a brave new era and looks to gain even greater political and economic prominence around the world, new opportunities and challenges will emerge for organisations doing business in the country. Treasury Today Asia analyses the forces driving the country’s transformation and looks at what this all means for treasury.

  • Coin operated binoculars looking over view of a city

    What does 2018 have in store?

    Compared to the major political and economic upheaval of 2016, 2017 was relatively calm. But what will the next 12 months bring? And how can treasurers begin to take advantage of new and emerging technologies in the year ahead?

  • Colourful game of Jenga

    Navigating political uncertainty

    Last year, corporate treasurers faced unexpected challenges in the form of Brexit and the outcome of the US elections. But to what extent have geopolitical challenges affected the world of corporate treasury this year – and what are treasurers doing differently as a result?

  • Small shopping trolley with cardboard boxes in them whilst ontop of a laptop keyboard

    A global appetite for eCommerce

    eCommerce presents a tremendous opportunity for businesses to tap into new revenue streams around the world. Treasury departments must help their company meet the challenge, with agile eCommerce players ready to eat the lunch of anyone who doesn’t keep up.

  • Forest pathway lit up by the setting sun

    European MMFs: the way forward

    Following years of negotiation, European money market fund reform is close to being finalised. The new rules differ significantly from the changes already introduced by regulators in the US – so will European funds avoid the considerable outflows seen in US last year?