Angeline Yeo, Highly Commended, Woman of the Year 2016

Published: Jan 2017


Photo of Angeline Yeo, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and James Hayward.


Angeline has been with Hewlett Packard since 1998 and now represents the next generation of leaders that are shaping the future. She has been instrumental in the recent separation project at HP and demonstrates her leadership by empowering her team to manage complex situations and bridge gaps with stakeholders. She is a most worthy highly commended winner.

Angeline Yeo

Treasurer, Asia Pacific and Japan

Angeline Yeo, who is currently Treasurer for one of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s key regions, started her career with Hewlett Packard where she began as a Treasury Associate, before serving as Treasury Consultant from 2001 to 2004. In 2005, she took on the role of Assistant Treasury Manager at Samsung Asia Pte Ltd. She returned to Hewlett Packard and became Head of Treasury Operations in 2008, before her appointment as Treasurer of Hewlett Packard Enterprise for Asia Pacific and Japan in 2015.

Angeline has achieved great success as a treasury leader in the region. Backed by more than 15 years of experience, she represents the next generation of leaders that will shape the future of this strategic function. Her standing in the industry has been further reinforced in recent times, culminating in her pioneering work in the HP separation project, a landmark split and mega project which saw HP splitting into two independent, publicly traded companies: HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

A strong treasury management foundation and track record of complex project management has provided Angeline with invaluable exposure to different cultures, industries and management styles. Her ability to manage various stakeholders, a culturally diverse team and complexities arising from operating a regional treasury centre responsible for a diverse portfolio of both developed and emerging markets, made Angeline a logical choice to lead the separation efforts for the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) Treasury operations.

Timelines and expectations were aggressive from the onset, with no playbook to serve as a guide. HP was required to set up a regionally integrated structure across 15 countries within a 12-month time frame. This included working closely with banking partners to implement liquidity structures to promote domestic and cross-border cash concentration and facilitate cash visibility. To ensure operations remain smooth and uninterrupted, internal and external lines of credit were put in place, and rigorous testing of bank accounts across the Treasury Management System and banking portals were executed. Intercompany positions had to be refinanced, and multiple cash flows were implemented in line with the country plans. Documentation, including bank mandates, was also tightly managed for audit and compliance purposes.

Managing a project of this scope and scale requires a certain level of leadership, conviction and innovation. It also relies on collaboration, communication and transparency, elements which Angeline brings to each interaction.

A high achiever since her beginnings at HP, Angeline’s success continues to evolve. Her work on the launch of HPE’s multi-year Treasury Transformation project in early 2016, which she led for APJ, had the aim to standardise, simplify and automate treasury operations to improve cash visibility and forecasting. Since the announcement of the Enterprise Services (ES) spin-merger in May 2016, her efforts have been largely dedicated to successfully standing up and spinning off the ES business, as well as the Software business (a second spin-merger announced in September 2016).

Angeline has been a superb leader in her role as Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Treasurer for Asia Pacific and Japan. I’m extremely grateful and proud to have her leadership in a key region for our company.

Victor Grado, Vice President, Treasury Operations

Angeline’s ability to handle this level of complexity and change is rooted in her diverse experience. In her 17-year career, she has honed her functional skills across a full suite of treasury and strategic advisory roles including cash operations, cash solutions, treasury technology, treasury consulting, treasury operations and liquidity structures.

Leading a multinational team, Angeline has a practical, nurturing approach to talent development. As she states, “It’s not possible to do everything on my own. We agree on our plan and objectives, and I empower my team to manage complex situations and bridge gaps with stakeholders. Together, we achieve a greater impact”.

Dialogue is key with all members of her team on both individual projects and longer-term ambitions. Investing in their future is an investment in the broader team structure, according to Angeline. Core to this investment though is transparency, guidance and 360 feedback, delivered with authenticity, honesty and humility. “Professionally, no one grows and develops hearing only praise,” says Angeline. “It is all about balance and challenging ourselves to continually raise the bar”.

She is the embodiment of the next generation of Treasury Manager. Passionate, professional and personable, Angeline has built a rounded CV in regional treasury management over her career, indicative of the type of leadership required in the evolving space of treasury today.

Away from the demands of work, Angeline is a dedicated mother, making a point to spend quality time with her young daughters, and ensuring that she is fully kept abreast of her children’s well-being. This establishes some form of routine, and involvement in family and school activities is hardly compromised. Outside of the work week, Angeline ensures she spends the weekends with her family. It is this measure of balance that forms such an important element in her leadership and inspiration in this fast-paced industry.

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