Treasury Today Woman of the Year Highly Commended: Marie-Astrid Dubois

Published: Jul 2013


Photo of Marie-Astrid Dubois.


Marie-Astrid Dubois is very well-known in the world of corporate treasury and is a treasury ambassador to all those interested and/or passionate about treasury. She is generous with her time and well respected due to her experience and knowledge. Marie-Astrid is clearly someone who loves her field and speaks passionately about its evolution.

Marie-Astrid Dubois

Assistant Treasurer EMEA and Asia

Honeywell is a Fortune 100 diversified technology and manufacturing leader, serving customers worldwide with aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings, homes and industry; turbochargers; and performance materials. Based in Morris Township, N.J., Honeywell’s shares are traded on the New York, London, and Chicago Stock Exchanges.

Our judges were struck by her achievements and experience but particularly by her desire to see others do well through her mentoring, as evidenced by the many testimonials we received.

Marie-Astrid is a leading light in the international corporate treasury field and is seen as both a thought leader and an inspiration to all women in treasury. Working at the helm of one of the world’s leading treasury teams at Honeywell, a $38 billion Fortune 100 company employing 132,000 people across 70 countries. She continues to challenge and develop best practices, drive transformation projects and is a significant and influential player within the industry amongst banks, her colleagues and peers. In her current role since 2006 as Assistant Treasurer EMEA and Asia for Honeywell, Marie-Astrid reports to John Tus, Vice President and Treasurer, who says: “Marie-Astrid’s leadership, dedication and focus on delivering results are the foundation of what makes Honeywell treasury successful. She sets an example for all to follow while leaving no one behind.”

The submission nominating Marie-Astrid summarised her key attributes as:

  • Action-oriented leader with a compelling track record, broad international background and extensive financial experience covering international treasury, acquisitions, accounting and auditing.
  • Forward thinker who embraces innovation and manages change effectively in cross-cultural environments.
  • Can-do attitude with a convincing ability to enlist the co-operation of others.

Marie-Astrid is currently responsible for all treasury activities from strategy to implementation in EMEA and Asia, which comprises 64 countries. She manages 17 people in the two regions in six countries from her office in Brussels. She is a member of the European Leadership Council, a member of the EMEA Finance Council, a Board Member of 13 legal entities and chairperson of four Honeywell entities.

Marie-Astrid has previously worked for Arthur Andersen & Co, The Dexter Corporation and A.C. Nielsen before joining Honeywell. She has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from IESE, Barcelona, and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics, major in business administration from H.E.C. Lausanne. Given that Honeywell is a Six Sigma supporter, Dubois has attained a Six Sigma ‘Greenbelt’ and is a Member of the Customer Advisory Boards at both Deutsche Bank and RBS.

A French national, she also speaks English, Spanish, German and Norwegian.

Marie-Astrid is passionate about treasury and the responsibilities that come with her role, and she is a reliable person. With her high level of excellence, she is an example for and role model to the team. Marie-Astrid demonstrated great leadership skills: she recognises the work accomplished by the team and knows how to thank people.

Her most recent achievements include:

  • Championed the company’s SWIFTNet implementation: piloted in EMEA, leveraging one single XML format (CGI V3) negotiated with Honeywell’s 15 key partner banks.
  • Overseeing the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA) migration for all of Honeywell’s businesses located in the SEPA zone.
  • Co-ordinated with tax and legal and government relation on regulatory issues associated with thin-capitalisation issues, Financial Transaction Tax (FTT), European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) and engaged in lobbying efforts with trade associations and Amcham.
  • Co-ordinated a large number of tax restructurings, and executed numerous dividend pay-outs and cash repatriation strategies.
  • Executed multiple M&A due diligences and led post-merger treasury integrations generating expected savings targets.
  • Initiated and drove technology implementation (online bidding platforms, treasury management system (TMS), SWIFT payment channel to gain efficiency, productivity, and strengthen risk management.

Under her leadership, she and her team won a number of awards in both regions, including: Alexander Hamilton Gold award winner in the Cash Management category for the Honeywell Strategic cash management and investment programme in 2007 for Asia and for EMEA in 2008, as well as a silver medal in the best practices category for Honeywell cash pooling structure in China in 2009; Adam Smith Awards winner for the Top Treasury Team in 2009 (team award); and TMI Special Recognition Award for Innovation and Excellence in Treasury Technology in 2011 for the work done on automation and leveraging of technology; plus a few others.

It is obvious Marie-Astrid has had a positive influence on many of the individuals she comes into contact with, from bank executives to her peers and subordinates, as the following testimonials illustrate only too well:

“We have done quite a few projects together. Marie-Astrid’s energy is infectious and she can detect how and where the team can do better. She is forward-looking, questioning the status quo and searching for the best solution for her firm. If I had to summarise Marie-Astrid I would say a mix of passion and agility.” Etienne Bernard, Head of Transaction Services Origination, EMEA, RBS.

“I have known Marie-Astrid for years. I first met her in New York, when I gave her the Alexander Hamilton gold award for strategic liquidity management in EMEA. Marie-Astrid has been very successful and a true precursor, frontiering all developments in treasury services. She is a true role model for any woman in the industry.” Diane Quinn, Managing Director, J.P. Morgan.

“My experience with Marie-Astrid was when we worked together on an M&A transaction (public tender offer), a sensitive transaction until the deal had been announced. Throughout the entire process, she drove her own team, as well as the bankers, in a very clear and comprehensive manner by understanding, explaining and anticipating each step. With her constructive and determined attitude, the transaction was delivered in a very good manner. Marie-Astrid is passionate about treasury and the responsibilities that come with her role, and she is a reliable person. With her high level of excellence, she is an example for and role model to the team. Marie-Astrid demonstrated great leadership skills: she recognises the work accomplished by the team and knows how to thank people. It has been a great honour to work with Marie-Astrid.” Isabelle Chastagner, Relationship Manager, Deutsche Bank.

“I worked for Marie-Astrid for over eight years as a Treasury Director in Brussels, Shanghai, and Singapore. She was my greatest advocate and continuously provided me with the encouragement, experience and responsibility necessary to succeed and to develop. Marie-Astrid’s mentorship has been invaluable to my current success.” Pui Yee Lee, Vice President and Treasurer, Kulicke & Soffa Industries.

“Marie Astrid was assigned as my mentor in 2011/2012. I benefitted greatly from our regular meetings. These discussions helped me address my development needs, added clarity to my role and kept me on track regarding future ambitions. She also helped me remain positive when faced with difficult challenges. As an added bonus, Marie-Astrid was always patient and our calls were something that I looked forward to and enjoyed.” Catherine Matley, EMEA Credit Manager, Honeywell.

“I’ve been reporting to Marie-Astrid for the past seven years, and this has been for me an invaluable opportunity to learn from her leadership. I appreciate her outstanding level of energy, enthusiasm and real passion for her work. She takes pride in developing everyone in her staff and help them reach their potential. Personally, she assigned challenging projects to me and helped me improve my management style. She demonstrated trust in my judgement, encouraged me to publicise my results internally as well as externally, while allowing me to strike a necessary balance with my family life.” Séverine Le Blévennec, Director EMEA Treasury Honeywell.

Marie-Astrid is a most deserving runner-up in the Woman of the Year category in 2013.

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