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Women in Treasury Singapore Forum 2018 panellists

Women in Treasury Singapore Forum:
maintaining the drive for diversity

On Wednesday April 25th over 150 senior treasury professionals from throughout Asia Pacific gathered at the Four Seasons hotel in Singapore to celebrate diversity at our fifth Women in Treasury Asia Forum.

Fearless girl statue – Sculpture by Kristen Visbal, commissioned by State Street Global Advisors

Women in Treasury: from insight to action

On March 8th in New York on International Women’s Day, State Street Global Advisors and Treasury Today hosted the first of a series of global roundtables dedicated to diversity and inclusion in corporate treasury. The launch session was both a networking opportunity and a lesson in personal development, focusing on the data derived from the 2017 Treasury Today Women in Treasury Global Study.

Group photo of the Women in Treasury New York Forum 2017 panel

Driving the diversity dialogue

On Thursday 14th October 2017, Treasury Today hosted the second New York installation of our Women in Treasury Forum. A fresh new format with fantastic, energetic panellists was the order of the day at The Pierre hotel in Midtown Manhattan.

Women in Treasury London Forum 2017 panellist group shot

Agents of change: diversity in treasury

Diversity is not about hitting targets, it is about building a culture where everyone can thrive. The panel of Treasury Today’s latest Women in Treasury Forum in London sought to address the theme, open up an advanced dialogue and offer our audience some positive strides forward.

Women in Treasury Singapore Forum 2017 panellists

The quest for inclusion

Over the five years that the Treasury Today Group have been running our Women in Treasury initiative, it has been interesting to see how conversations around diversity have evolved. In a relatively short time, diversity has shifted from a fringe topic to one at the heart of corporate life.

Portrait of Sonam Donkar, PepsiCo

Sonam Donkar, PepsiCo

As the Treasury Head at one of the largest multinationals operating in India, Sonam Donkar has reached the zenith of the profession. The road has not always been straightforward, but what sets Donkar apart is her self-belief and her drive to further the profile of corporate treasury. Her ambition now is to share this passion and knowledge with those around her in order to further the development of the profession in India.

Women in Treasury New York Forum 2016 panellists

Driving diversity

Treasury and finance professionals come together in New York to celebrate and champion diversity at the first US installation of the Treasury Today Women in Treasury Forum.

Women in Treasury London Forum 2016 panellists

A celebration of diversity

Over the past few years, there has been a loud and inspiring push for gender equality around the world. Almost every industry, profession, and major company now operates their own diversity initiative or programme. These are joined by a variety of high-profile global campaigns, such as the recent UN Women’s HeForShe campaign, supported by public figures and global leaders alike.

Women in Treasury Asia Forum 2016 panellists

Diversity in action

Our recent Treasury Today Asia Women in Treasury Forum saw over 130 senior financial professionals gathered in Singapore to discuss what must be done to further drive diversity in our industry.

Portrait of Pratibha Advani, Tata Communications

Pratibha Advani, Tata Communications

With more than two decades of experience in corporate finance, Pratibha Advani has built a reputation for knowing exactly what is required to take a company forward. Her most recent role, as CFO for a global telecommunications company with Indian roots, is a challenge she relishes and one which allows her to exercise her creative impulses to their fullest extent.

Women in Treasury London Form panellists group shot

London Forum: A summary of the key findings

Although the progress towards gender equality can sometimes feel sluggish, the good news is that, across the globe, comprehensive campaigns and industry specific initiatives are raising awareness and inviting everyone to join the conversation on how to achieve gender equality.

Women in Treasury Asia Forum 2015 panellists

Singapore Forum: A summary of the key findings

Although the progress towards gender equality can sometimes feel sluggish, the good news is that, across the globe, comprehensive campaigns and industry specific initiatives are raising awareness and inviting everyone to join the conversation on how to achieve gender equality.

Women in Treasury London Forum 2015 panellists

Ringing the changes

Over the past several years, significant progress has been made towards addressing legacies of gender inequality, with a loud and inspiring global push for diversity. The third annual Treasury Today Women in Treasury Forum, held in London in September, looked to further that push, and tackle the issues around gender equality in the treasury department and beyond.

Expanding inclusivity

Sunday 8th March 2015 marked International Women’s Day (IWD) with thousands of events held across the globe to recognise the economic, political and social achievements of women. In this article, Treasury Today Asia looks at the wider debate surrounding the importance of diversity in the workplace and the achievements of our own Women in Treasury initiative.

Portrait of Kate Smedley, 2 Sisters Food Group

Kate Smedley, 2 Sisters Food Group

Kate Smedley’s journey in treasury has seen her work for a broadcaster, an airports operator, a construction group, and most recently, a food manufacturer. She talks to Treasury Today about the benefits of working in a flexible way and how some corporates are adapting the way they employ and develop treasury staff.

Women in Treasury panellists group photo

Leaving the grey suits behind

Treasury Today’s recent Women in Treasury Forum in London was certainly a colourful event. Stern opinions, bold personalities (and some fantastic fashion sense) saw traditional treasury stereotypes pushed to their limit.

The results are in…

The backbone of Treasury Today’s ground-breaking Women in Treasury initiative is the annual Study that we conduct among female treasury professionals across the globe. This year’s Study, proudly supported by RBS, builds a clear picture of the careers of women across the industry.

Women in Treasury Asia Forum 2014 panellists on stage

Women in Treasury Singapore Forum 2014

More than 130 attendees gathered at Raffles Hotel in Singapore on 8th May 2014 for Treasury Today’s inaugural Women in Treasury Singapore Forum. The lively and thought provoking event began with a networking reception during which an introduction to the Women in Treasury initiative and highlights of the Women in Treasury Study were presented by Angela Berry, Publisher, Treasury Today and Sophie Jackson, Associate Publisher, Treasury Today Asia.

Portrait of Christine McCarthy, The Walt Disney Company

Christine McCarthy, The Walt Disney Company

Since 1923 the Walt Disney Company has been growing its entertainment and media empire with a little help from some of the most recognisable and loved fictional characters anywhere. Today the NYSE-listed company employs 175,000 people across its five major business segments: Media Networks; Parks and Resorts; Consumer Products; Studio Entertainment; and Interactive. In 2013 it reported revenues of $45 billion, up almost $3 billion year-on-year.

Portrait of Deborah Mur, Citi

Deborah Mur, Citi

In this interview, Deborah Mur, Citi’s Western European Head for Treasury and Trade Solutions shares her views about the challenges faced by corporate treasurers in changing economic and regulatory environment in Europe. She also looks at trends in treasury technology, working capital management, and the growing opportunities for corporates in emerging markets, particularly in China.

From top left: Maia Rushby, Maeve Robinson, Marie-Astrid Dubois, Jenny Knott and Pam Walkden

Women in Treasury Forum: Study results

Treasury Today’s Women in Treasury initiative was launched in January 2013. Aiming to provide a platform to support, inspire and increase the visibility of women working in our industry, the project began with a series of profiles in Treasury Today and Treasury Today Asia.

Portrait of Corina Keller, ALTANA

Corina Keller, ALTANA

For Corina Keller, Head of Cash Management for ALTANA AG, treasury is a service provider first and foremost. But within the company’s decentralised and lean structure, she has worked hard to foster good relationships between functions and everyone is comfortable saying what needs to be said. As a formula for success her approach seems to be doing rather well.

Why some treasurers are more equal than others

As part of our pioneering new initiative, Treasury Today have launched the first Women in Treasury study. Designed to build an understanding of women’s experience in the profession, the insights gathered from this study are set to be an eye opening call to action for all those operating in the treasury field.

Portrait of Claudia Colic, UBS

Claudia Colic, UBS

Risk management has become a crucial component of the corporate treasurer’s day-to-day job. Claudia Colic, Head of Transaction Banking, UBS, delves into how treasurers are coping in the challenging environment and how their banks can assist their clients.

Blazing a diversity trail

Whilst the treasury profession remains largely male-dominated, there are remarkable women enjoying remarkable careers. The Women in Treasury series will recognise female innovators in the corporate treasury profession. The initiative aims to bring women together to share their experiences, challenges, successes and failures, as an inspiration for all operating in this field.

Portrait of Honnus Cheung, Travelzoo

Honnus Cheung, Travelzoo

When Travelzoo expanded to Asia in 2007, CFO Honnus Cheung had set up seven offices in cities across the Asia Pacific region within a 12-month period. In addition, heading an e-commerce company meant having the support of a good and robust e-banking platform to support not just the collections side but also to give visibility to the company’s treasury activities in the region.

Portrait of Chaoqun Gao, Heraeus

Chaoqun Gao, Heraeus

Germany-based Heraeus’ Chinese regional centre, and its corresponding treasury function, has been built up from an entirely clean slate. In this interview, inaugural Treasury Manager China, Chaoqun Gao, explains how the global treasury function embarked on a centralisation project, which included reducing the number of core banking relationships, and highlights the growth potential for Asia.

Portrait of Lorraine Harper, TalkTalk

Lorraine Harper, TalkTalk

Lorraine Harper shares her experiences on TalkTalk’s recent demerger from Carphone Warehouse and going it alone. We also discuss how efficient cash management and pooling form the backbone of Harper’s lean team.

Portrait of Sonia De Paolis, TomTom

Sonia De Paolis, TomTom

Sonia has been Head of Treasury at TomTom for the past 18 months. During that time, the department has undergone considerable change. In this interview, Sonia tells us how she plans to consolidate the gains she has made and outlines her plans for taking the treasury global.

Portrait of Uta Kemmerich-Keil, Merck KGaA

Uta Kemmerich-Keil, Merck KGaA

Over the past decade, Merck KGaA has been centralising what had been an extremely decentralised treasury department. We speak to Uta Kemmerich-Keil, Merck’s Executive VP and Head of Corporate Finance, to learn how the project has been carried off successfully.

Portrait of Margaret Yao, J.P. Morgan

Margaret Yao and Diane Quinn, J.P. Morgan

In this interview, J.P. Morgan’s Margaret Yao, MD Asia Pacific Sales Executive, Treasury Services, and Diane Quinn, Managing Director Sales Segment Executive, talk about treasury consolidation and other emerging trends in the Asia Pacific region, with a specific focus on China.

Portrait of Margaret Yao, J.P. Morgan

Margaret Yao, J.P. Morgan

Margaret shares her thoughts on the results of the recently completed Asia Pacific benchmarking survey.

Portrait of Lisa Wang, Anheuser-Busch InBev China

Lisa Wang, Anheuser-Busch InBev China

Anheuser-Busch InBev China is the Chinese arm of the Belgian-based brewer Anheuser–Busch InBev. Headquartered in Shanghai, its 33 breweries supply the Chinese beer market – the largest in the world. Its focus brands include Budweiser, Harbin and Sedrin.

Portrait of Silvia Gironi, Pirelli Group

Silvia Gironi, Pirelli Group

With the tyre manufacturer issuing a €500m unrated Eurobond bond in February this year, we asked Sylvia Gironi, Group Treasurer, about the thinking behind the issuance. She also describes her department’s current role and what she expects it to become as the company branches out in to some of the world’s fast-growing emerging markets.

Portrait of Laurie Carroll, BNY Mellon

Laurie Carroll, BNY Mellon

This month we talk to Laurie Carroll, Global Short Duration Strategist at BNY Mellon, about why corporate treasurers should adopt a segregated approach to managing cash. We explore BNY Mellon’s three tier cash management strategy, the benefits this can bring to corporates and future developments expected in the industry.

Portrait of Jennifer Ceran, eBay

Jennifer Ceran, eBay

Based in San Jose, California, eBay is the world’s largest online market place. With 82.3 billion users, in 2007 the global value of all items sold on eBay’s trading platforms was nearly $60 billion. In 2002 the company acquired PayPal, the world’s leading online payment solutions company, and in 2008 it bought Bill Me Later, an online consumer credit facility. We speak to Jennifer Ceran, VP and Corporate Treasurer, about the company’s growth and future plans.

Portrait of Ebru Pakcan, Citi

Ebru Pakcan, Citi

Responsible for Citi’s payment product solutions across Europe, Middle East and Africa, Ebru Pakcan provides her insight into the challenges facing customers in the payments space today. We also discuss the impact of SEPA, evolution of cross-border payments and trends of innovative technology impacting the life of the corporate treasurer.

Portrait of Clare Francis, Lloyds TSB Corporate Markets

Clare Francis, Lloyds TSB Corporate Markets

This month we ask Clare Francis how the financial markets landscape has evolved in the past three years. We also discuss strategies for responding to the knock-on effects of the crisis in the next 12 months.

Portrait of Livio Libralesso and Federica Vello, Geox

Federica Vello, Geox

Headquartered in Italy, Geox distributes breathable shoes and apparel in 68 countries worldwide, through over 10,000 multi-brand points of sale and over 800 Geox shops. The company began trading in the 1990s and has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since 2004. Estimated group turnover for 2008 currently stands at over €900m. This month we talk to Federica Vello, Group Treasury Manager, and Livio Libralesso, Group Director of Finance, about risk management and international cash management at Geox.

Portrait of Karen Fawcett, Standard Chartered

Karen Fawcett, Standard Chartered

Everyone has heard of Standard Chartered but do you know how big the bank is or where exactly it operates? In this interview, Karen Fawcett tells Treasury Today how this big bank is becoming the leading transactional bank for companies and institutional clients for and in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Portrait of Sarah Jones, Hewlett-Packard

Sarah Jones, Hewlett-Packard

Managing the financial supply chain is rapidly becoming a major topic in the treasury world. At EuroFinance’s International Cash and Treasury Management conference in Florence last September, Hewlett-Packard received the annual Award for Excellence for the company’s thought leadership in this area. We spoke to Sarah Jones, Director – EMEA Treasury of Hewlett-Packard, to find out why the financial supply chain matters and what can be done to manage it.

Portrait of Kimberly Ross, Ahold

Kimberly Ross, Ahold

Ahold is an international group of quality supermarkets and foodservice operators based in the United States and Europe. Following a much publicised €1 billion accounting scandal in 2003, Ahold completed its Road to Recovery strategy, including a €3.1 billion divestment program of a number of its non-core and underperforming international assets. We talk to Kimberly Ross about acquisitions and divestments, centralisation, and how the control environment at Ahold has evolved from a treasury perspective.

Portrait of Angela Hao, Hewlett-Packard Treasury Centre

Angela Hao, Hewlett-Packard Treasury Centre

Angela Hao explains her role as China Treasurer. She highlights the difficulties in managing cash in China and explains how a presence in the country can help to overcome problems.

Portrait of Eva Gotthardsson, Findus Sverige AB

Eva Gotthardsson, Findus Sverige AB

Eva Gotthardsson talks about the challenges which arise when implementing a European cash pool and how she uses technology.

Portrait of Karin Hogberg Arthursson, Mölnlycke Health Care

Karin Hogberg Arthursson, Mölnlycke Health Care

Karin Hogberg Arthursson describes how Mölnlycke treasury set up its cash management structure from the formation of the company in 1998. She also outlines some of the challenges for treasury in a rapidly expanding business.

Portrait of Philippa Foster Back

Philippa Foster Back

This month we talk to someone who was a senior treasurer, but now heads the UK’s Institute of Business Ethics. The Institute of Business Ethics was established in 1986 to encourage high standards of corporate and business behaviour through raising of the issues and the sharing of best practice.


Women in Treasury Forum Asia 2015 panellists

Push the ceiling: Women in Treasury

We are experiencing a new era in the fight for gender equality that is encouraging for women across different industries and across the globe. Thursday 12th March 2015 saw the second Women in Treasury Asia Forum held at Raffles Hotel in Singapore by Treasury Today Asia.

Inspirational women wanted

In a highly competitive jobs market, young people can benefit from hearing about your experiences. Volunteers are needed to inspire the next generation.

Are female treasurers safer at the helm?

Is it true that female treasurers are more risk averse with a stronger desire for financial discipline than their male counterparts? A recent study by Barclays and Ledbury Research suggests so. According to the report, there exists a “unique distinction in how men and women’s emotions drive views on financial decision making” across the business world.

Group of business people working at a computer

Don’t bank on risky women

The German central bank is quite fond of blaming feckless Greeks and lazy Italians for the Eurozone crisis. This week, however, the Bundesbank set its sights on another foe.

Why women are good for treasury (they ask awkward questions)

Strong stock market growth among European companies is – according to research by McKinsey – most likely to occur where there is a higher proportion of women in senior management teams. Additional benefits to having a gender balance in senior positions, and the treasury function, include improved performance and achieving better corporate governance. This is in no small part because women are apparently more likely to challenge decisions, rather than simply ‘nodding’ them through.

Female treasurers on the (pay) rise?

Last week’s Insight on women in treasury sparked a great deal of debate among the treasury community. So it is with further interest that we report on data released yesterday that suggests the gender pay gap has shrunk to less than 10%

UBS makes a massive booby

No one ever doubted that the world of high finance had an unseemly side. But just how unseemly has only come to light with the arrest of IMF head Dominic Strauss Khan and a court case in Kansas City that involved a UBS sales assistant and more references to the human anatomy than you’re likely to hear in a biology class.

How to lose support and alienate women

Your company’s board may be looking for more demographic diversity amongst its members – and to most of us it is fairly clear that describing female directors as the ‘weaker sex’ probably won’t boost your reputation for equality…