• Renminbi trade

    The renminbi advantage

    The annual HSBC Renminbi Internationalisation Survey highlights the growing use of renminbi for international trade and its benefits. Despite this the survey also indicates that there is still work to be done to fully communicate the benefits of using the renminbi to foreign companies with operations in China.

  • Bowling ball knocking down pins

    FX hitting corporate earnings: what can treasurers do?

    A surprisingly strong euro has hit the earnings of many European and US multinationals this year. But how significant is the problem and what can corporate treasurers do about it?

  • Sand timer running out of time

    Brief encounter: the life of an interim treasurer (part one)

    With more than 25 professional accounting and treasury assignments under his belt since he started out on the interim trail back in the 1990s, Netherlands-based treasurer, Erik Teiken, has more experience of this world than most. Working with the likes of HiTec Sports International, Ikea Capital and the North Sea Group on an ‘as needed’ basis suits him well, but is interim treasury something to which anyone can turn their hand?

  • Big old tree roots in the forest

    Boosting morale in the treasury department

    As in many areas of the business, employee morale can sometimes be an issue in the corporate treasury function. But what are the root causes of the problem? And what can treasury leaders do to raise morale?

  • Toyota logo on the front of a Toyota car

    Treasurers on Mars: getting more from Fair Value reporting

    Toyota Finance Australia’s response to the local equivalent of the IFRS 13 Fair Value Measurement standard saw it implement a new platform from which it is determined to get as much as possible.

  • Close up of Bitcoin

    Bitcoin: the treasurer’s next big headache?

    Corporate acceptance of Bitcoin is on the rise, according to a recent statement from ratings agency Fitch. But can the companies who use the currency cope with the risks?

  • Aggressive alligator peering from the water

    Beware the threat from within

    The threats to corporates from economic crime, from both within and outside the organisation, are growing. With the potential to have major reputational, organisational and financial impacts, what steps can companies take to help mitigate the risk of fraud?

  • Dark, misty forest

    Euro MMFs: can they endure negative rates?

    Europe’s MMFs have been living with ultra-low rates for some time now. But with the ECB’s deposit rate cut to negative territory, will investors soon have to pay for the privilege of investing their cash?

  • Painter working with oil paint

    Treasury talent: nature vs nurture

    As the remit of the treasury function continues to expand, it is increasingly important for senior treasurers to get the most out of their team as a whole and the individuals within it. Talent management is the order of the day.

  • Rowers working together in a race

    Collaboration in SCF

    As competition intensifies in the supply chain finance (SCF) space, collaboration may be the key to delivering a successful programme. The Euro Banking Association (EBA) has recently issued guidance that may be of use to corporates who want to work better together.