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    IFRS 9: hedging your bets

    The IFRS 9 accounting standard is generally considered an improvement on its predecessor, IAS 39, in a number of ways. But what does it mean for corporate treasurers?

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    Green is the word – part one

    In the last twelve months a number of large corporates have issued green bonds as a way to raise financing and the market looks set to increase even more over coming years. Yet what actually makes a bond ‘green’? Treasury Today investigates.

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    Funding the ‘squeezed middle’

    With bank lending in retreat across Europe, a great deal has been written of late about the nascent alternative finance market for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMEs) and, equally, the funding opportunities for large corporates in the debt capital markets. But what about the companies that are too large to benefit from alternative SME finance, yet too small to issue high-yield debt?

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    The value of outsourcing

    Treasury outsourcing is a topic which generates strong opinion among corporates. Yet it is often not fully understood. Treasury Today outlines some of the benefits outsourcing can offer a treasury and explores how to maximise these.

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    Dividend growth: a bumper quarter for Europe and Japan

    New research suggests the continuing corporate recovery is driving dividend growth. But while Europe and Japan experienced decent growth, dividends actually fell in emerging markets during the second quarter.

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    Benefits of Asia FTAs limited by complexity

    Bilateral and regional free trade agreements (FTAs) have been proliferating at an astonishing rate across Asia in recent years. But how many businesses in the region are actually utilising them? And of those that are, how much of a difference are they making to their trading activities?

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    In retreat: banks forced to pull back from global stage

    Banks are being forced to reassess their corporate offerings as a result of the increasingly globalised nature of corporates, as well as changes in regulation. What will the impact of this be on corporate banking relationships?

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    Man, know thy customer

    As regulation designed to combat money laundering and terrorist financing continues to bite both corporates and banks, new KYC utilities have emerged to help them manage the burden. But what added value do they offer users?

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    SEPA: already behind the times?

    Last week marked the passing of the SEPA migration deadline. For banks and corporates the date finally drew a line under what had become a surprisingly long and arduous project. Several questions must be asked though: why on earth did it take so long and, in the time it has taken to implement, has payments technology moved on too far?

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    European corporates beat US peers on working capital improvements

    Some of the largest listed corporates in Europe are reaping the rewards of concentrating their efforts on managing working capital more efficiently. However, there remain areas where there is still work to be done.