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    Risk and low yield top treasurers’ investment concerns

    Money market reform comes into effect in the US later this year, and Europe may not be too far behind. But a new survey reveals that it is no longer the changing regulatory environment that most worries the corporate cash investor.

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    FX risk: taking a new look at hedging

    Despite the real risk of a company’s financial performance being directly or indirectly affected by FX fluctuations many companies in Asia Pacific still do not have an effective hedging strategy in place. Jean-Philippe Godard, Manager at DPC Asia Ltd. Hong Kong tells Treasury Today Asia why and how corporates can begin to change this.

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    Are your systems due a ‘spring clean’?

    Driving efficiency, of course, always tops the corporate agenda. But in reality, if something isn’t broken, it is easy to overlook. Chris Jackson, Head of Cash Management and Payments, Mid Markets, for Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking believes the New Year provides a great reason to take a closer look at those processes which may have niggling issues – and advises who can help along the way.

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    New rules for China’s budding MMFs

    New rules announced by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) are set to bring the regulation of money funds closer in line with international standards. Will this bring greater choice for the corporate investor?

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    Why treasurers are taking to trade receivable securitisation

    Treasurers at investment grade companies may not have too much trouble raising low cost finance through the traditional channels right now. But with continued bank regulatory uncertainty, they cannot count on that to last forever. Perhaps, some alternatives should be considered – for instance, trade receivables securitisation.

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    Blockchain sets sights on commodities trade

    Blockchain technology is set to deliver transparency and visibility to the movement of physical commodities in the supply chain as a new prototype application gathers momentum. Integration with the trade finance function could be the next step.

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    Innovating solutions

    As banks around the world experiment with innovative digital technology, how are they ensuring the innovations they introduce offer value for their clients?

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    Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ outlines its new GTB plans

    Japan is home to a number of the world’s largest financial institutions, but for the most part, their transaction banking offerings outside of their home market have been limited in comparison to the global players. This dynamic is starting to change as Japanese banks begin to act on their global ambitions.

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    Ready for another CHF-style meltdown?

    It has been just over a year since the Swiss National Bank shocked the markets by announcing it would no longer hold the Swiss franc at a fixed exchange rate with the euro. How should treasurers be reacting now to protect their interests from similar events?

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    Building a productive working culture

    With corporate treasurers around the world frequently being asked to do more with less, the need to drive maximum productivity from the treasury team is a must. Tony Osentoski, Director EMEA & Asia Pacific Treasury at Cytec Industries, explains how building a resilient and empowering corporate culture can go a long way to achieving this objective.