• Mobile payments

    The power of payments

    Afghanistan has undergone a difficult period in its history, with the rule of the Taliban and the subsequent war and occupation by coalition forces. Yet change is in the air - Afghanistan is moving forward as a developing nation and gradually realising its full potential. One step on the path to achieving this is to establish a robust and efficient payments system.

  • Adam Smith Awards Asia 2014 crystal awards

    Award-winning corporates flock to Singapore

    Celebrating the achievements of corporates from across the APAC region, last week’s Adam Smith Awards Asia Gala Presentation Lunch saw 142 of the brightest thinkers in the industry come together in Singapore to share their stories of success. For those who didn’t win this year, here’s a review of what you missed.

  • Wooden puppet being manipulated by strings

    Are you an FX ‘numpty’?

    Corporate treasurers will have been shocked to learn the details about the manipulation of foreign exchange (FX) rates that emerged after five global banks last week agreed to pay fines for their role in the scandal. But with the size of the fines almost certainly smaller than the profits they made through the activity, some observers are wondering – will the banks ever learn?

  • Person on phone and iPad whilst on break

    A thing of beauty

    It is a technological fact that sensors and actuators are being embedded in billions of devices, all of which can be connected to the internet to transmit and receive data. Merging the physical and virtual worlds in this way, forming the ‘Internet of Things’, is a practice that is gathering momentum. Treasury Today asks what, if anything, this means for treasurers.

  • Web page URL bar

    25 years on, the web is still transforming treasury

    This year marks the 25th anniversary of the birth of the internet. During the past quarter of a century treasury – and indeed the world – has changed remarkably as a result of the invention. In this insight we reflect on what treasury was like before the web, and look forward at how the medium continues to be a driver of innovation.

  • Paying using phone

    Implementing payments factories more effectively

    As the use of payments factories spreads from large corporates to smaller concerns, implementation issues are likely to be a sticking point for many. But as usage grows, best practices are starting to be established.

  • Woman cheering on the beach

    Gender equality in treasury by 2095, if you’re lucky

    Are female treasurers still paid less than their male counterparts? Should everyone – men and women – be entitled to flexible working? When will we see true equality in the treasury function? The results of Treasury Today’s Women in Treasury Global Study 2014 reveal the changing face (albeit rather slowly) of gender equality in the treasury department.

  • Law justice scales

    Hybrids: the best of both worlds

    In today’s ultra-low rate environment, yield-seeking investors are developing a growing hunger for riskier asset classes like hybrid securities. For the corporate issuer, hybrid securities are a great way to diversify their investor base while, potentially, securing equity accounting treatment from ratings agencies. Will hybrid issuance boom again in 2015?

  • Chess board

    Euro MMFs face prospect of negative yields

    Facing what could be their biggest challenge yet, European money market funds (MMFs) teeter on the brink of going into negative yield territory. However, sub-zero yields won’t automatically mean a ratings downgrade.

  • Euro coins stacked on top of charts

    Still think SEPA is a waste of time and money?

    SEPA has taken a long time to implement but now that it’s here, can it deliver on its initial promise? Already corporates are easing into the driver’s seat and it is time for them to reap the benefits. Treasury Today talks to a seasoned expert about moving to the next stage.