• Myanmar temple in the clouds

    Myanmar: the final frontier?

    In recent months, Myanmar has taken significant steps towards integration into the global financial community. We speak to two experts on the region to find out what these developments mean for treasurers operating in the country.

  • Broken sea ice

    What can fix our broken bond markets?

    When rates finally begin to rise, experts worry that the secondary market for corporate bonds will freeze over. New electronic solutions may alleviate some of the strain, but do they hold all of the answers?

  • Professional woman running

    The journey back to work

    Following an extended period away from professional life, the return to work may feel quite daunting. How can people best prepare to get back on the career ladder and what can companies do to help?

  • Woman carrying multiple shopping bags

    Black Friday woes: treasurers take note

    On both sides of the Atlantic, Black Friday deals from high street and internet retailers brought out the worst in shoppers. But they also exposed numerous flaws in companies’ inventory and risk management strategies, as well as their customer engagement models. What can treasurers learn from this?

  • Three golden eggs in a nest

    Pension for sale, several thousand careful owners

    The risk of pension liabilities can be removed from the balance sheet with an insurance sector buyout, but an accurate valuation can be very difficult to achieve. A new platform aimed at making the process easier for corporates and insurance companies looking to enter into a buyout has just been launched.

  • Shanghai at night

    Shanghai Free Trade Zone: liquidity management innovation (part two)

    Last week, we looked at the progress that China has made in a very short time towards opening up corporate liquidity management. This week, we examine the challenges – whether real or just perceived – that corporates are still facing in their liquidity management in China, and outline what they can do to overcome them.

  • Spilt bag of mixed sweets

    A mixed bag: euro MMF diversity

    As the assets under management of euro prime money funds reach a 12-month high, new research suggests that funds in Europe are diverse in terms of their risk profiles and investment horizons. That is good news – but can money market funds (MMFs) really continue to be an investment instrument of choice for treasurers?

  • Skyline of Shanghai

    Shanghai Free Trade Zone: liquidity management innovation (part one)

    The Shanghai Free Trade Zone (SFTZ) has been a hot topic this year. But is the SFTZ really critical for treasury in China? In this two-part Insight, we talk to Acarate’s David Blair about the zone’s impact, as well as nationwide schemes that are changing the face of liquidity management in the country.

  • Rows of gold Buddahs

    A baht time: is Thailand ready for treasury centres?

    The efficiencies delivered by treasury centres are well-documented but the right location is essential. A comment piece issued this week by a PwC Asia partner says Thailand has much promise but needs to act quickly on the tax front to avoid being left behind by its neighbours.

  • Three small white presents

    SCF: rewarding good behaviour

    Treasurers might think there is little they can do to improve the environmental, labour and safety standards of their suppliers. A new initiative by The World Bank and supplier finance platform GT Nexus suggests otherwise.