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  • Business people in a technology meeting with data overlay

    That’s not what I meant! Communication errors and how to avoid them

    The way in which we communicate with others speaks volumes about our professionalism and our ability to work with others. For many treasurers, the extension of the role into the wider business – and the inclusion as a strategic partner – means sharper communication skills are essential.

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    Dynamic working capital management: the next frontier for treasury

    Managing the intricacies of working capital is becoming a crucial task for many treasury teams. And a raft of changes driven by technology is giving treasurers the chance to play an even more decisive role in driving value-adding working capital strategies across the organisation.

  • Plants growing on coins symbolising savings

    Sustainability in treasury

    As sustainability becomes a higher priority for corporates in Asia, what does this mean for treasurers – and how can they help their organisations achieve their sustainability goals?

  • Jason Straker, Managing Director, Head of Client Portfolio Management for Global Liquidity EMEA, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

    Right of reply: keeping your investment policy current and relevant

    A flexible and up-to-date investment policy is essential if companies are to react promptly to market developments and take advantage of new investment products. How can treasury shape such a policy? Jason Straker, Managing Director, Head of Client Portfolio Management for Global Liquidity EMEA at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, explains.

  • BEPS

    This issue’s question

    “How should corporate treasurers in Asia be responding to BEPS?”

  • David Blair, Acarate

    Agile treasury

    David Blair has had the privilege and pleasure of working on an Agile software development project this year. He says there were many similarities between this and his time working in small treasury teams. Here are some of his further observations on how Agile relates to treasury.

  • Miguel Trinidad, Corporate Treasurer, Mexichem

    60 Second Interview: Miguel Trinidad, Corporate Treasurer, Mexichem

    Miguel Trinidad, Corporate Treasurer at Mexichem, believes that treasury is about much more than the management of cash. Here he explains how he thinks a treasury should act and why having a talented team is crucial.

  • South African flag

    Spotlight on South Africa

    South Africa’s political and economic turmoil is creating a host of challenges for corporate treasurers operating in the country. Here Hennie De Klerk, CEO at TreasuryOne explains what is happening.

  • Business man displaying a spread of cash

    Treasury has never had it so good

    A review of global treasury recruitment and remuneration trends has revealed that they remain in a very buoyant state, with salaries on the rise and a host of new opportunities continuing to emerge across all industries.

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    Is your treasury missing opportunities?

    It has been said that nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity – treasury therefore may be quite an expensive function. Here, Cale Bennett, Group Treasurer at Tatts Group, outlines why he believes that treasury may be costing the business by missing opportunities and how to avoid doing this in the future.