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    Specialist financiers in Asia spread their wings

    New players are growing rapidly in Asia, helping to fill the region’s burgeoning trade finance gap. And, as Treasury Today discovers, they are not banks.

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    Is the tide turning for the BPO?

    The bank payment obligation (BPO) has been thrust into the spotlight in recent months given the completion of the first BPO+ transaction. Treasury Today explores what is special about this transaction and asks: has the tide turned in favour of the BPO?

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    Russia, sanctions and the loan market

    What are the consequences if your Russian lender is targeted by sanctions? Are existing trade finance contracts still valid? A panel at the Loan Market Association’s recent Developing Markets Conference attempted to answer these questions – and a host of others – on the topic of the Russian loan market and the impact of economic sanctions.

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    Trade finance: settling disputes peacefully

    Although rare, disputes in trade finance are sometimes unavoidable. But when a disagreement between your company and a counterparty arises over a certain transaction, litigation or arbitration may not be the most desirable recourse. Fortunately, with the ICC’s new, improved DOCDEX there is a third way.

  • Karl Trumper and Baihas Baghdadi, Barclays

    Bank interview: 
    Karl Trumper and Baihas Baghdadi, Barclays

    With traditional trade markets providing less opportunity, companies are looking to diversify their export strategies and enter new growth markets. While there are inevitably challenges that accompany this move, banks such as Barclays have the tools, expertise, and global presence to help the opportunity become a reality. Treasury Today speaks to Karl Trumper and Baihas Baghdadi to find out more.

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    Juan Pablo Cuevas, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

    Juan Pablo Cuevas, Head of Global Transaction Services, Latin America and the Caribbean, at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, explains why many Latin American countries have outperformed developed economies in recent years, the importance of trade to the region, and the challenges that remain before Latin America can realise its full potential.

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    Trade finance: the future is electronic

    The uptake of e-trade finance solutions in the corporate sphere has been relatively slow to date. Yet a recent report by the Aite Group highlights that banks are seeing an increase in demand for electronic alternatives from their corporate clients.

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    Getting international trade moving with e-presentation

    In a fast-paced global economy where companies and consumers work and shop 24/7, trade demands the rapid exchange of goods, money and services. But the sad truth is that – all too often – goods only move as quickly as the paper documentation that supports them. Treasury Today speaks to an expert in financial technology innovation to examine how e-presentation can bring trade up-to-speed.

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    Africa: the final frontier

    Although greater intra-African trade may not be a silver bullet for the challenges the continent faces, it does have enormous potential to boost growth and create more sustainable employment. In this article, we examine why trade flows between African nations are currently low, and ask what is being done to reverse the situation.

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    Sharing the load

    Interest in distributor finance (DF) programmes appears to be growing among corporates. We examine what is driving this trend and what needs to happen for DF to gain further momentum.