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    Virtual accounts: a real alternative to notional pooling?

    Virtual accounts have been the talk of the treasury community in 2016. Virtual cash management could well become next year’s must-have.

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    Say goodbye email-overload, hello collaborative chat

    Communication is vital to most businesses but sometimes there is just too much of it, particularly via email. The answer may lie in a new professional messaging and collaboration platform that went public yesterday with a major revamp.

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    Digital flows

    The digitisation of trade has been a long time coming. It would seem however, that real momentum is beginning to build and that trade is truly beginning to enter the digital era. But what does a digital trading ecosystem mean for corporates and what may a fully digital trading ecosystem look like? Treasury Today explores.

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    Think like a fintech

    Fintech has the promise to completely revolutionise finance. And whilst we are seeing plenty of examples of this in the retail space, in the corporate world, revolutionary change is less forthcoming. That doesn’t mean it’s not happening though. Here, we explore the impact fintech is having on banks, regulators and corporates and peer into the future to see what finance may look like in the years to come.

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    Blockchain sets it sights on the OTC market

    Last month, India based trading technology company uTrade announced the launch of its uClear blockchain solution for real-time clearing and settlement in financial markets. Here, Founder and CEO Kunal Nandwani discusses the solution and how treasury may benefit.

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    Bond origination just got easier

    Traditional manual ways of primary bond issuance could be swept aside by a new digital platform that claims an end-to-end origination experience for issuers, brokers and investors.

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    Rising to the challenge

    Some of corporate treasury’s biggest innovators were honoured at the 9th annual Treasury Today Adam Smith Awards in London last week. We spoke to a selection of the winning treasurers who, in the face of an ever more complex set of challenges, have showcased remarkable creativity and hard work in developing new groundbreaking solutions.

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    Current treasury resources not sufficient for expanded role

    As the role and importance of the treasurer increase, it seems the resources available to do the job are not keeping up.

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    SWIFT responds to hacks with new customer security programme

    In an effort to restore confidence after a number of fraudulent payment cases, the international financial network SWIFT last week announced a belated package of new security measures. We take a look at the key points.

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    What will the payments landscape look like in five years?

    Payments innovation hasn’t been the sole creation of fintechs; banks have accepted the challenge and have been developing their own impressive offerings. But are we seeing collaboration or competition between the two? A workshop at SWIFT’s recent Business Forum suggested that it’s a bit of both – meaning the real winners are the corporate customers.