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  • Person outside with laptop holding credit card to shop online

    Treasurers offered the online shopping experience

    As e-commerce continues to grow in popularity, we take a look at a new solution that promises to bring the same ease and convenience to the purchase of treasury technology.

  • Example of networking

    Supplier finance meets CSR

    Supply chain finance is already well established as a tool corporate treasurers can use to shore up their supply chains. Now we are seeing some companies using it to drive better social and environmenta; standards amongst their suppliers too.

  • Person running to exit

    Will treasurers abandon prime MMFs after SEC reforms?

    New rules for US MMFs mean there will be some tough decisions ahead for corporate cash investors. But Kyriba’s Bob Stark is convinced that the value proposition of prime MMFs will endure the coming regulatory reform.

  • Blurred runners running on the road

    BEPS: corporates urged to “pick up the pace”

    Corporates are making progress in adjusting to the new rules demanded by the OECD’s base erosion and profit shifting plan, also known as BEPS. However, in some countries, treasurers and tax executives still have a long distance to travel.

  • Baby sugar cane farm in India

    Fresh farm financing

    A pioneering product has been launched by the State Bank of India in conjunction with Jain Farm Fresh that harnesses the power of digitisation to revolutionise how farmers across India sell their goods and access financing.

  • Golden coins in buckets

    Welcome to the liquidity machine

    In a volatile world, where market pressures seem to be pulling treasurers in several directions at once, being able to automatically manage operational liquidity and surplus cash sounds like an attractive proposition. A new banking solution promises to deliver just that.

  • Horizon view of Earth lit up by lights

    Virtual accounts: a real alternative to notional pooling?

    Virtual accounts have been the talk of the treasury community in 2016. Virtual cash management could well become next year’s must-have.

  • Business man using smart phone and laptop

    Say goodbye email-overload, hello collaborative chat

    Communication is vital to most businesses but sometimes there is just too much of it, particularly via email. The answer may lie in a new professional messaging and collaboration platform that went public yesterday with a major revamp.

  • Close up of electronic circuit board

    Digital flows

    The digitisation of trade has been a long time coming. It would seem however, that real momentum is beginning to build and that trade is truly beginning to enter the digital era. But what does a digital trading ecosystem mean for corporates and what may a fully digital trading ecosystem look like? Treasury Today explores.

  • Close up of people connecting through a human brain

    Think like a fintech

    Fintech has the promise to completely revolutionise finance. And whilst we are seeing plenty of examples of this in the retail space, in the corporate world, revolutionary change is less forthcoming. That doesn’t mean it’s not happening though. Here, we explore the impact fintech is having on banks, regulators and corporates and peer into the future to see what finance may look like in the years to come.