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  • Person handing over money to someone as a loan

    Click and collect: municipal borrowing made easy

    Preparations for borrowing by the Swiss municipality of Allschwil used to be a labour-intensive process for Head of Sector Finance and Taxation, Joseph Hammel. With the arrival of a new online platform, the workload has been reduced to a few clicks.

  • Corporate payments

    This issue’s question

    “There is a lot of talk about payments innovation in Asia Pacific at the moment, but what solutions are corporates actually using?”

  • Ernesto Pittaluga, Asia Pacific Sales Head, Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citi

    Harnessing a new era of growth in Asia Pacific

    China is digitising at a rapid rate and has become the hotbed for innovation in Asia. Here, Ernesto Pittaluga, Citi’s Asia Pacific Sales Head, Treasury and Trade Solutions, details what is behind this and how digitisation is also sweeping across the whole Asia Pacific region.

  • Person pointing at screen showing computer technology such as binary code

    APIs: the real game changer

    Over the past few years, APIs have received greater attention in financial services. Treasury Today Asia explores the benefits of APIs and discusses how this technology is set to impact treasury.

  • Rana Datta, Head of KYC and Onboarding Sales, Asia Pacific, Thomson Reuters

    Control your own KYC

    The challenges associated with know your customer (KYC) compliance have escalated for corporate treasury teams around the world in recent years. This has made basic tasks such as opening a bank account turn into time consuming and complex activities, eating into the resources of treasury teams and negatively impacting the business.

  • Coin operated binoculars looking over view of a city

    What does 2018 have in store?

    Compared to the major political and economic upheaval of 2016, 2017 was relatively calm. But what will the next 12 months bring? And how can treasurers begin to take advantage of new and emerging technologies in the year ahead?

  • Peter Kellner, Group Processes and Information Technology, thyssenkrupp

    Problem Solved: 
    Peter Kellner, thyssenkrupp

    A disparate and complex IT infrastructure posed many problems for Peter Kellner, Group Processes and Information Technology at thyssenkrupp and his team. How did Hanse Orga Group’s FinanceSuite solve many of these problems?

  • Person using future technology, mouse projecting information

    Open banking will change everything…eventually

    New regulation in Europe and the UK has the potential to transform the face of financial services. Treasury Today finds out what the future might look like under PSD2 and open banking and what it all means for treasurers.

  • Turning poor data into rich information

    Treasury often has all the data it needs just out of reach within its ERP system. Whilst this can prove frustrating, forward-thinking treasury teams are tackling this issue by using a host of new digital tools that are enabling them to access this data and improve the effectiveness of the treasury function.

  • Working together and thinking differently: charting a course for treasury management in Asia Pacific

    Over the past decade, treasury management in Asia Pacific has undergone an evolution as the role has become more strategic and more closely aligned with the business. With a variety of forces creating a host of new opportunities and challenges for treasury teams we wanted to discover what the future will look like. To do this, Treasury Today Group brought together six of the region’s most senior corporate treasurers and transaction bankers to discuss the big trends in corporate treasury at the 2017 Talking Treasury Forum in Singapore.