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    Corporates focus on the future of payments

    Innovation in the payment landscape was the main focus of a recent report by Nordea. Here are some of the findings.

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    Moving away from manual

    As a fast-growing company, Malaysia’s Tan Chong Group needed to move away from manual processes and drive more efficiency across its treasury operation.

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    Is your business future-ready?

    Across the full gambit of corporate operations, the focus on digital has become ubiquitous. Almost every company, in some shape or form, has a digital strategy and is preparing their business for the future.

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    Treasury on the move

    In what areas are treasury teams taking centre stage to drive value across organisations, and is treasury getting the support it needs in its evolving role?

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    The payment revolution(s)

    From SEPA to FAST and from gpi to Ripple, innovation in the payments landscape is occurring faster than ever before. Whilst this disruption makes the future of payments somewhat uncertain, ultimately the real winners will be corporates who can look forward to a faster, cheaper and more seamless payments experience. Treasury Today explores some of the latest developments.

  • Alex Haigh, Regional Currency Manager EMEA, Mars Incorporated

    Problem Solved: 
    Alex Haigh, Mars Incorporated

    For global confectionery giant Mars, legacy technology meant that the company’s FX dealing processes were at times inefficient and error-prone. Mars needed a solution that would enable the treasury team to deal FX more effectively, freeing up resources to focus on more value-adding activities.

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    Banking on user experience

    With more to do and with fewer resources available, treasury professionals increasingly lack the time and patience to deal with clunky and inefficient banking services and systems, and are calling for a better user experience. But are the banks listening and what comprises a ‘good’ user experience? Treasury Today finds out.

  • Janko Hahn, Head of Treasury Operations, Autoneum

    Corporate View: 
    Janko Hahn, Autoneum

    It has been a busy few years for Janko Hahn, Head of Treasury Operations at Autoneum. Since assuming control of the treasury operations function he has worked tirelessly to drive efficiency, keep the business abreast of changing regulations and stay ahead of the technology curve. Here, Hahn details how his cooperative and inclusive approach to treasury has enabled him to do this effectively and with great results.

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    Taking centre stage

    The importance of treasury within the organisation has grown in recent years – but what does this mean in practice and what tools and best practices can treasurers draw upon to support their evolving role?

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    SWIFT’s gpi goes live

    With SWIFT’s global payments innovation (gpi) initiative officially launched last week, Treasury Today finds out what it means for corporate treasurers.