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    What does 2018 have in store?

    Compared to the major political and economic upheaval of 2016, 2017 was relatively calm. But what will the next 12 months bring? And how can treasurers begin to take advantage of new and emerging technologies in the year ahead?

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    The year ahead for Asia

    Last year was characterised by dramatic world events and considerable uncertainty – and these themes could continue to dominate the treasurer’s agenda in 2017. From political events to plugging the trade finance gap, what will treasurers be focusing on in the coming 12 months?

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    Mitigating interest rate risk

    With the US Federal Reserve potentially raising rates again before the end of the year we take a look at the risk this may pose to some companies and how treasury can look to mitigate this risk.

  • Central banks will successfully chase higher inflation

    There is a state of imbalance in the current climate, and it cannot continue. At some point, keeping the economy afloat by allowing debts to soar (even) higher, meaning that negative interest rates are required to ensure borrowing continues, will not be possible. Here, we take a close look at the sheer complexity and, at times, idiocy of the present situation and why inflation is the preferred solution.

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    After the bond rush

    With the economic weather for the year ahead shrouded in uncertainty, corporate borrowers on Asia’s capital markets are not guaranteed such an easy ride in the next 12 months. Liability management exercises may well be on the agenda for some corporate treasurers.

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    Going steady

    Market and currency volatility inevitably leads to interest rate risk. Where this threatens to impact profitability it has to be effectively managed. What does it entail for treasurers operating in Asia?

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    Janet Yellen: a straight arrow

    Most recently, Janet Yellen made the headlines when she announced that the US Federal Reserve, after earlier signalling its intention to end its zero interest policy in the near future, was holding fire on a rate hike. Fortunately, Yellen has been confronted with difficult decisions to make numerous times already in her long career in finance, experience which the US – and the global economy – will no doubt be counting on moving forward.

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    Basel III in Asia: need to know

    Basel III is the latest buzzword in banking and finance across Asia’s markets. Here, Citi’s Nishami Dharmaratne highlights what the regulation means for corporates.

  • Reading the signs

    Slowing growth and rising interest rates in the global economy could be important signals for things to come. ECR takes a look at how diverging monetary policies, amongst other factors, across the world’s various regions are having a knock-on effect on each other’s economies – but not always in the best way.

  • Europe: drifting apart

    As investors demonstrate unwillingness to finance the social spending of weaker performing Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) countries, those countries who have performed comparatively well and successfully managed their debt deficits are worried they will be left to foot the bill. This article explores the options available and their implications for both strong and weak EMU countries.