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  • Global economy picking up

    Despite the turmoil caused by President Trump’s ‘America first’ stance and the controversial measures announced in his first few weeks in office, the global economy seems to be gaining momentum.

  • Fiscal stimulus, austerity and sustaining global growth – what does 2017 have in store?

    Certain governments have overseen austerity policies of late but are there signs they are, perhaps, slowly loosening the reins again? Real growth is difficult to sustain and we have recently witnessed the will of the people of the UK and US when called to the ballot boxes in their respective countries. Elections are due to take place in the Netherlands, France, Germany and elsewhere so governments will come under yet greater scrutiny to give their economies the boost they need but is more government stimulus the answer?

  • Busiess concept of choice of many doors

    New products, greater choice for sterling cash investors?

    In a lower for longer interest rate environment, corporate investors that want some return on non-immediate cash are having to look beyond money market funds. Asset managers are responding to the demand for alternatives with new product innovations.

  • Marathon runners competing

    China to lose global manufacturing top spot say business leaders

    Global competitiveness in manufacturing is intense and the competition will ratchet up over the next few years forcing changes in the leader-board or so says a new survey of business leaders. What will staying ahead of the game require?

  • BREXIT symbol of the referendum UK vs EU

    CFOs rank Brexit as top concern

    Chief Financial Officers rank EU membership as highly beneficial for UK exports, FDI and global influence and are increasingly concerned about the risk a potential Brexit poses, a new report shows.

  • Big crack in the road due to earth quake

    Ready for another CHF-style meltdown?

    It has been just over a year since the Swiss National Bank shocked the markets by announcing it would no longer hold the Swiss franc at a fixed exchange rate with the euro. How should treasurers be reacting now to protect their interests from similar events?

  • Farouk Ramzan, Head of Commercial Banking, Europe, Lloyds Bank

    Lloyds Bank strengthens European commitment

    To prosper globally, corporates must inevitably look beyond their traditional markets. With perceived instability in Europe however, treasurers want certainty. That means banking partners they can rely on to support their expansion. In this article, Lloyds Bank outlines how its strategic European focus aims to help corporates find growth across the UK and Europe, with an emphasis on commitment, strategic advice and tailored solutions.

  • Working capital connections

    “As the newly appointed Head of the HSBC Payments and Cash Management business in Europe, I’m excited about the opportunities we have to help our clients to grow their business. With a presence in 33 European markets we are ideally placed to help clients across the globe expand into Europe and to help our European clients expand into fast growing markets in other regions.

    We are seeing continued growth in multiple countries with increased investment in Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Switzerland to name a few. Recently, we also became the first bank to implement a two-way RMB sweep between Europe (UK/Germany) and China. As the following article demonstrates, we have the international connectivity, presence and ability to facilitate working capital, supply chain, corporate card and liquidity management solutions flexibly, as part of our overall relationship with our clients.”

    Eddie Norton, Head of Payments and Cash Management, Europe, HSBC

  • Straight road heading towards sunset

    Working capital: have you been taking the easy road?

    As the European economy starts to return to growth, the 17th edition of REL’s Working Capital Survey analyses practices of the 1,000 largest publicly trading companies by revenue in Europe. The results show that corporates continue to be divided between making the most of cheap debt and optimising their internal cash generation. Treasury Today talks to Derrick Steiner, Senior Manager, REL Consultancy, on what should be learnt from the study.

  • Famous chain bridge in Budapest, Hungary

    Invest ahead of the game in Hungary

    Despite downbeat growth predictions from some industry bodies, amidst hopes for the rising trend in mergers and acquisitions to continue and agreements made for less political influence over the banking sector, sentiment is improving in Hungary. Treasury Today talks to Dr Katya Kocourek, Senior Associate and Lead Analyst for Central and Eastern Europe at Stroz Friedberg, about why now is a prime time for investors to take an interest in the country.