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  • Two people playing tug of war ontop of a rocky platform

    Who’s making trade easier and who’s not?

    Reducing trade costs, with special emphasis on paperless trade, will aid growth and sustainable development for all countries. A United Nations global report reveals the leaders and the laggards in trade facilitation.

  • Arc de Triomphe located in Paris, in autumn scenery

    Perspectives from Paris

    Treasury Today recently attended BNP Paribas’ Cash Management University in Paris. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Mark Evans, Managing Director, Transaction Banking, ANZ

    Byte marks: sinking treasury’s teeth into agile technology

    The increasing pressure on all business functions to deliver more with less is not going away. What’s needed, argues Mark Evans, Managing Director, Transaction Banking, ANZ is a communicative, connected and agile business environment. For treasurers, this includes exploring new technologies.

  • Building a digital culture

    This issue’s question

    “What does it take to build a digital culture within the treasury department and why should senior treasurers be looking to do this?”

  • Trading paper for precision: seizing the digital advantage in the trade space

    The trade and supply chain space is ripe for disruption in so many ways. But how can this be achieved and to what effect? ANZ’s trade experts, Michael Lim and Hari Janakiraman, consider digitisation in this key function and explore the future prospects.

  • Kevin Grant, Chief International Officer, Hanse Orga Group

    Why treasury needs robotic process automation

    In a turbulent world where change is the only certainty, the technological advancement that is robotic process automation can carve out some distinct advantages for treasurers. Kevin Grant, Chief International Officer, Hanse Orga Group, explains.

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    Does your treasury have a digital mindset?

    Treasury departments today need to think digital. Rohit Talwar, CEO at Fast Future explains how they can do this.

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    Is your business future-ready?

    Across the full gambit of corporate operations, the focus on digital has become ubiquitous. Almost every company, in some shape or form, has a digital strategy and is preparing their business for the future.

  • Munir Nanji, Citi

    Bank Interview: 
    Munir Nanji, Citi

    The Asia Pacific (APAC) market has transformed exponentially in recent years given the rise of e-commerce and digitisation more broadly. As a result of this, corporate treasurers have looked to take advantage of the new opportunities offered to them by using digital tools to drive business intelligence and help the business reach its full potential. In this article, Munir Nanji, Asia Pacific Sales Head, Treasury and Trade Solutions, at Citi outlines how e-commerce and digitisation have impacted markets in Asia and how Citi is well placed to help corporates take advantage of the new digital environment.

  • Erik Zingmark, Deputy Head of Transaction Products, Nordea

    Bank Interview: 
    Erik Zingmark, Nordea

    He might not have a crystal ball, but Erik Zingmark, Deputy Head of Transaction Products, Nordea is extremely well placed to discuss both current and future trends impacting the treasury profession. In this interview, Zingmark outlines the new strategic imperatives for treasurers, reveals key insights from Nordea’s Treasury 2017 report and addresses the opportunities treasuries have in becoming strategic drivers in digitisation.