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    GDPR is good for you!

    The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come immediately into force on 25th May 2018. It will be good for business. Eventually.

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    Asia fintech rising

    Startupbootcamp and PwC’s annual ‘State of fintech’ report shows that China and India are dominating Asia’s fintech landscape.

  • Big Data

    This issue’s question

    “We keep hearing about Big Data and how it can be used to drive smarter decision-making. What practical steps can a treasury department take to begin to leverage Big Data?”

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    Gaining a competitive edge with big data

    How can corporate treasury use big data to help the business maintain its competitive edge?

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    How safe is your financial data?

    Cybercrime has existed in numerous guises since the emergence of technology in the workplace and it is an ever evolving space. As a result of this evolution the threats to businesses are multiplying and becoming increasingly complex, seeing cyber-security creep to the top of business leaders’ minds. In this article, Treasury Today explores the changing threats and what treasurers can do to help fend off cyber-criminals.

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    Is your messaging up to MyStandard?

    SWIFT message standards may sometimes feel anything but standard. When setting up with a new bank, trying to work out what is required can be a real treasury pain-point. The MyStandards Readiness Portal is aimed at easing the on-boarding process.

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    Getting it right

    A new study has revealed that key financial decision makers have little faith in their financial data. Why is this? And what can be done from here on in to ensure that the data is correct?

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    Houston, we don’t have a problem

    It would be the world’s 12th largest economy if it was actually a sovereign state and it would be a rare one too with growth of more than 5%. A new survey of the Texan treasury community reveals its hopes and fears.

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    Is the tide turning for the BPO?

    The bank payment obligation (BPO) has been thrust into the spotlight in recent months given the completion of the first BPO+ transaction. Treasury Today explores what is special about this transaction and asks: has the tide turned in favour of the BPO?

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    We know who you are

    Data breaches are becoming increasingly common as cyber-criminals become more sophisticated. The latest major attack on a corporate has compromised millions of its customers’ personal data. Can businesses really protect themselves?